Master of Teaching
You like to inspire people and you feel comfortable in developing new skills in them?

Master of Teaching

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Major topics of the course

To follow the masters programme in Teaching, you need to show a Bachelors degree in a similar subject like education. Mostly, you will need to attend a group interview to defend your entry and motivation for this particular course, but this varies from university to university.

The Masters in Teaching will advance your teaching skills and deepen your subject knowledge. Your core topics during this course will be leading learning, professional learning, research and professional practice, as well as understanding teaching techniques. Despite these theoretical lessons, you will have the chance to analyse and reflect your role in education as a teacher. There will be discussions with fellows and different forms of writing, which will develop your communication skills. The goal of this masters programme is to become a better teacher and educator by learning and working together with other students.

Employment Opportunities after the perfection of the Master of Teaching

With a Masters degree in Teaching, you have a wide range to find an employment. The most graduates strive for a career in schools to be a teacher. This differs from early year education to adult education. Furthermore, you have the possibility to be a middle leader, a senior leader or a local authority adviser, as well as a counsellor.

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Universities offering masters programmes in Teaching:

    study programmes     universities
comprehensive profile   Teacher Education in English / German / French   comprehensive profile   HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht
  Lehrer und Lehrerinnen der Gesundheits- und Krankenpflege   comprehensive profile   UNI for LIFE
  Chinese - Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MATCSOL)   comprehensive profile   University College Cork
  TESOL Studies   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
  Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
  Master of Education     Leeds Beckett University
  Educational Leadership and School Improvement     University of Manchester
  Education     Sheffield Hallam University
  Higher Education     University of Worcester
  Teaching Languages (English)     London Metropolitan University
  Theology and Religious Education     Liverpool Hope University
  Applied Linguistics for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)     University of Kent
  Special and Inclusive Education     University of Worcester
  TESOL (Distance Learning)     Northumbria University
  English Language Teaching     University of Southampton
  Education - English Language     Liverpool Hope University
  Education with Teacher Inquiry     Leeds Beckett University
  Education     Leeds Trinity University
  Education Studies and TESOL     University of Stirling
  Clinical Education     Plymouth University
  Teaching and Learning in Higher Education     Keele University
  Effective Learning and Teaching     University College London
  Learning and Development Management     University of Huddersfield
  Education and Special Educational Needs     Liverpool Hope University
  Postgraduate Research Opportunities - Faculty of Education, Health and Community     Liverpool John Moores University
  Education (Mathematics Pathway)     The University of Northampton
  Education (E-Learning)     University of Bedfordshire
  Education (MA)     University of Bath
  TESOL     University of Leeds
  Education (Innovation in Learning and Teaching)     University of South Wales
  Education Management (Hong Kong)     University of Bristol
  Enhanced Practice in Education     University of Glasgow
  Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)     King's College London
  English Language Teaching (Distance Learning)     London Metropolitan University
  Health Professions Education     University of Glasgow
  Education - Biology     Liverpool Hope University
  Linguistics and English Language Teaching     University of Leeds
  Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (TESOL) and Computer Assisted Language Learning     University of Stirling
  TESOL with a Specialism in English Medium Instuction     University of St Andrews
  ...     ...


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