Master of Urban Planning
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Master of Urban Planning

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Get inspired and build a city

In the Master of Urban Planning you learn about the many multifaceted topic, such as the development and construction of cities. While doing that, you will not only experience the technical factors but also, for example, the economic and social factors. Environment, sustainability and strategic planning play a huge role in those matters.

As an urban planner, you have to take on a lot of responsibilities. Different situations and circumstances have to be taken into consideration. Regulations, chosen policies and specific guidelines must be followed and considered, when planning.

Depending on the university and course of study, the focus varies in the masters programme, for example, between Sustainable Urban Development, Urban Planning, Urban Management. In general, your masters study include building code requirements and demands on infrastructure and environmental protection.

Job prospects after the Master of Urban Planning

Generally, the course lasts two to four semesters and ends after the successful completion with the title of Master of Science, but still this depends on the university and type of specialisation. With a Master of City Planning you can find a job in the following areas:

  • City administration and public institutions
  • Design and construction work in the construction industry
  • Engineers and architects
  • Research and science, for example PhD
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The following universities offer the Master of Urban Planning:

    study programmes     universities
comprehensive profile   Regional & Urban Planning   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
comprehensive profile   Architecture, Urbanism & Climate Action   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
comprehensive profile   Urban Design & Planning   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
comprehensive profile   Governance and Development   comprehensive profile   University of Antwerp
comprehensive profile   Urban and Economic Geography     Utrecht University
comprehensive profile   Smart and Sustainable Cities (M.Sc. / P.Grad.Dip.)     Trinity College Dublin
  Urban Environment   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
  Urban Design   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
  Urban Design (Research)   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
  Master of City and Urban Environments (U-ENV) - Specialism 1: Atmosphere, Water and Environment (AWE); Specialism 2: Architecture, Ambiances, Urbanity (AAU)   comprehensive profile   Centrale Nantes (ECN)
  Urban & Building Conservation   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
  Landscape and Urbanism     Kingston University
  Urban Innovation and Policy     University College London
  Architecture and Urban Design (Canterbury and Paris)     University of Kent
  Urban Energy Technology and Policy     Newcastle University
  Architecture and Urban Design     University of Cambridge
  Sustainable Urban Design     University of Nottingham
  Urban Design     University of Strathclyde
  Urban Planning     University of Liverpool
  International Planning and Development     Cardiff University
  Planning for Sustainability and Climate Change     Newcastle University
  Urban Design and City Planning     University College London
  Regeneration for Practitioners     University of Chester
  Sustainable Planning     University of Hertfordshire
  Sustainable Cities     University of Portsmouth
  Housing Studies     De Montfort University
  Urban Studies     University College London
  Global Urban Development and Planning     University of Manchester
  Inter-disciplinary Urban Design     University College London
  Planning Built Environments     Birmingham City University
  Planning and Development     Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University
  Urban Transport     University of Glasgow
  Smart Cities and Urban Analytics     University College London
  Urban Development Planning     University College London
  City Planning     University of Glasgow
  Transport and City Planning     University College London
  Urban Design     Liverpool John Moores University
  Town and Regional Planning     University of Liverpool
  City Planning     University College London
  Sustainable Cities     University of Leeds
  ...     ...


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