Masters degree types
Difficulties in deciding which type of Master to chose? Not anymore. Find information about it here!

Masters degree types

Universities and other educational institutions offer different types of Master's degrees, depending mainly on the field of study, the length and the intensity of the classes. As a Bachelor graduate, who is looking for the perfect Master programme, you should consider which Master’s degree type suits you the best.

Find out what different Masters degree types mean: 

  • Blended learning - an innovative study model which combines online learning with face-to-face sessions, where students meet and work together with their course instructor.
  • Cooperative Studies - a good choice for students who want to work and study at the same time and to gain both theoretical and practical experience during their Master's studies.
  • Distance learning – oriented to postgraduates who aren't able to visit courses. They get all of the materials through internet or via mail. 
  • Full-time/Part-time Study - many institutions offer Master programmes as full-time and part-time. The choice between this study forms is usually connected to the intention of working during the Master studies.
  • Honours Degree - in some countries it is awarded to students with over-average performance and achievements.
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) – organized around courses such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources and management. This type of Masters attracts graduates from diverse disciplines to continue with education, which will prepare them for managing positions.
  • Master’s Degree – a broader term, which includes all of the following Masters types. It is oriented to Bachelor graduates and it usually takes between one and two years to complete. A Master's degree is an academic award that demonstrates a mastery in a specific field of study.
  • Research Masters Degree – this is a Master degree, designed for bachelor graduates, who already have a Bachelor research degree in a specific academic discipline; the purpose of such study is to advance and broaden the research and to became a specialist in the researched area.
  • Taught Masters Degree – relevant for the UK, it is designed to advance the knowledge or techniques that have been learned in the previous bachelor studies.
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