Masters in Australia
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Masters in Australia

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The land ‘Down Under’

It seems as though Australia has it all: warm climate, wildlife, large cities and a prosperous economy. The country consistently ranks among the top countries when considering quality of life, healthcare and public education. This sense of life fosters creativity, independence and innovation.

However, Australia is not only strong when it comes to academics, but also the student cities are highly rated. Five of the 30 best cities in the world for students are located on the red continent, based on student mix, quality of life, affordability and employer activity. This way your time in Australia will be unforgettable.

General Information about a Masters in Australia

If you are looking for academic excellence, then Australia has got you covered. Up to the QS World University Ranking, seven of the top 100 universities in the world for 2016 are located in Australia. At least five Australian universities are placed in the top 50 worldwide across the study areas of Natural Sciences, Life Sciences and Medicine, Engineering and Technology, Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences and Management.

Each school is unique in terms of the offered postgraduate studies, study content,duration and tuition fees. Master programmes in Australia normally last between one and two years and are based on the UK model. If you obtain a university degree in the land "down under", it will be internationally recognised and will help you in your future career.


Each university in Australia has its own admission regulations to the various Master programmes. The basic requirement is the successful completion of a Bachelor degree or its equivalents. Certain programmes may have additional requirements such as professional experience, portfolios or tests such as GMAT. Make sure to check out the requirements set by your desired university.

Student visa 

As an international student you need a student visa. To fulfil the requirements you must study full-time, because international students aren't matriculated part-time. Keep in mind, that you are required to study with an institution and in a course that are both registered on the “Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students” (CRICOS).  In addition to that, there is a financial requirement for a student visa in Australia. More information may be found via the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Tuition fees in Australia

You will be automatically classified as an international student unless you have permanent residency or citizenship of Australia. Master courses for international students cost around AU$ 20,000 up to AU$ 37,000 per year. These fees don't apply for high value courses such as medicine or MBA. Please take a look at the list of Australian universities below, in order to find courses and informations about the relevant costs.

Living costs

The living standard in Australia is quite high and should consider the high costs, if you are thinking about moving there for a while. As a student you can choose a shared rental room or one in a student campus, where you will pay approximately 80$ - 250$ per week. If you want a place by your own, it will cost you from 100$ to 400$ depending on the location and the building. For transportation, phone, internet and groceries you should foresee around 1200$ monthly. Based on the living standards in Australia, the government has set a financial requirement of 18,610$, which needs to be fulfilled in order to obtain a student visa.


In order to cover these fees, it is possible to apply for the various grants and scholarships provided by the Australian government, universities, colleges and other public and private institutions. Some of the most popular financial aids for students are "Australia Awards" and "International Postgraduate Research Scholarships". They are applicable for international students and usually based on academic performance. However, all conditions are set by the scholarship provider and you should check them with the relevant institution. 

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This is a selection of universities in Australia:


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