Masters in Belgium
Why should you think about doing a Masters in Belgium?

Masters in Belgium

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Why apply for a Masters in Belgium?

Belgium is not only famous for its central location and the number of international organizations and institutions that can be found there. The county is also exceptionally student-friendly due to the excellent conditions it offers – a high quality of life, world-famous universities, a dynamic and multilingual environment and last but not least, a place with history.

Brussels, Antwerp or Bruges - they are all architecturally rich with many castles, churches and statues to admire while studying. Besides for your cultural knowledge, you will have the opportunity to improve your language skills, as Belgium has three official languages – Dutch, French and German. A Master’s degree from a Belgian university speaks for a person with high values and a thirst for development.  

Tuition fees 

Belgian universities offer different tuition fees, depending on the community they are a part of – Flemmish, German speaking, or French community.

The Flemish community offers the lowest fees which are set by the regional government. They consist of a fixed registration wage of 62 EUR and a variable fee per credit which is between 1 and 10 EUR. Therefore, it is important to have in mind that a year of study is worth 60 credits (ECTS).  Non-EU students face different costs.

The French community has set fees ranging from 350 to 850 EUR per year for EU students depending on their status for a grant or a scholarship and their income. Non-EU students pay higher tuition fees - from 850 to 4200 EUR per year.

The average fee in the German-speaking community is 450 EUR.

Admission requirements

The requirements for Belgium depend on the community where the university is located. Therefore, you should contact the specific higher education institution you are interested in for detailed information. 

Generally, in order to take on a Master’s degree, the most common required documents are:

An application form
Bachelor’s degree in a similar area of study
Letter of recommendation
Motivation letter
Study visa for non-EU students
Language certificate for non-native students (Dutch, French or German)

Living costs, accommodation and transportation 

Brussels, as the capital of Belgium, is the most expensive city in the country. When eating at a restaurant prices vary a lot – from around 10 EUR for a simple lunch to more than 100 for a dinner with wine and dessert.

Of course, you can at least try the traditional Belgian cuisine. You shouldn’t miss famous dishes such as Moules-frites, Carbonade flamande, waffles and chocolate. However, for students cooking at home is the best option. There are many cheap supermarkets and shops where you would spend around 150 EUR per month for food.

Accommodation is quite expensive - rents vary around 400 EUR per month for university residence. Renting a one-bedroom apartment can cost more than 600 EUR monthly, excluding the utilities.  
Public transport is the best choice when it comes to exploring or getting around big cities. Trains are a good option for long distances due to high fuel prices. Bikes are may be not as popular as in the Netherlands, but still a great passion for the people in whole Belgium.


There are many scholarships offered from a number of institutions – some universities, the government and other Belgian agencies or organizations. Erasmus Mundus is a great funding option for international graduates, which funds tuition fees, travel and living expenses. Grants are often given to a limited number of EU or non-EU students and could cover an annual tuition fee, a fixed allowance every month and even a health insurance.

Here is an overview of universities in Belgium:


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