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Why apply for Masters in China?

Are you inspired by different cultures, fascinated by history, curious to try some unique cuisine? If the answer is yes, and if you want to discover another side of the world while studying, then you should definitely consider obtaining your Masters degree in China. There are over 2000 universities in the country and a lot of them are offering courses completely taught in English, as well as globally recognized diplomas and study programs in cooperation with the most prestigious universities around the world. As numerous companies are expanding towards Asia, what a better way for you to boost your CV than gather a first-hand experience by living in and exploring the most populous country in the world. 

Tuition fees and study duration

China is rapidly becoming one of the most popular study-abroad destination, with some 100 000 international students at its universities. One of the key advantages of the education there is that it is affordable. The average cost of Masters studies is between 20000 RMB and 60000 RMB (around 2800 EUR and 8500 EUR) per year. You may also have to pay a small application fee in addition to this. The tuition fees are lower in comparison to other Asian countries and the costs of living are quite modest. 

Chinese Masters degrees usually last for two years. However, if your program is focused on research, it might take longer, depending on your topic. Similarly to many countries in Europe, the academic year starts in September and ends in July. 

Admission requirements at Chinese universities

The requirements could vary between the different universities. The main points in common are good health (you will need to have a health insurance) and valid foreign passport. For the courses thought in English, it is required to have a proof of language proficiency such as TOEFL or IELTS, unless you are a native English speaker. For a successful application you will have to submit one or two letters of recommendation from your professors. In case you want to study in Chinese, you will need to have a Chinese Proficiency Test HSK level 4-6 certificate or above. As an alternative, you could pass the university's entrance examination. Even if you start a program in English, you will probably be given the chance by the university to take a Chinese language course for free. 

China – the country of diversity

In China there is something for every taste. If you want to explore the huge cultural diversity you should travel around the country which is home to 55 different ethnic minorities – each with different customs and traditions, cuisine, songs and dances. 

You will see some of the most beautiful and magnificent places in the world – from the Rainbow and the Yellow Mountains, to the Temple of Heaven, from the Great Wall, to Shigatse Prefecture in Tibet, from the scenic valleys of Jiuzhaigou to the desert landscapes of the Silk Road. 

If you are interested in economics, architecture, history and engineering – China has a lot to offer.  Following the rapid economic development over the last 30 years, Chinese cities proudly present some of the most daring works of modern architects -  such as the skyscrapers of Shanghai and Beijing’s Olympic Bird’s Nest. However, modernity lives hand-in-hand with the tradition, represented by numerous authentic buildings such as the incredible complex of The Forbidden City. 

And if all of this has not convinced you to take a look at the Chinese Masters Programs, then you should know that as an international student, you will definitely have lots of fun. The blooming nightlife of the Chinese metropolises unfolds a unique mixture of diverse party places and activities – from extravagant clubs to private karaoke rooms. While experiencing the Chinese nightlife to the fullest, you will feel completely safe.

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