Masters in Greece
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Masters in Greece

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Are you interested in studying in the country where the weather is always good and the food - so delicious? Greece is not just the cradle of the European civilization, but also a very attractive student destination with its modern well-ranked universities.

The higher education in Greece is provided by universities, technological educational institutes (T.E.I) and colleges. According to the Greek law, all the state-accredited universities are public. The colleges aren’t independent education institutions and they exist only in collaboration with foreign ones. Usually, it takes one or two years to complete a Master degree at a Greek education institution.

Languages of study

Study courses are offered in Greek or English and sometimes in a combination of both languages. Whether you prefer to study only in English or you want to learn/improve your knowledge in the mother tongue – you will have the possibility to find the best option in the Greek universities. 

Admission requirements

The required documents depend on the institution and we recommend you to check the information about relevant university. However, you might need the following papers when applying for a Masters in Greece:

  • Filled application form (downloadable at the university’s website)
  • Bachelor degree in a similar discipline (certified copy of your degree/ transcripts)
  • Academic reference
  • English certificate (for programmes taught in English)
  • CV
  • Passport photos
  • Student visa (only for non-EU citizens)

Tuition fees in Greece

Greek public universities don't charge EU/EEA students for undergraduate studies. Tuition fees for Masters programmes are usually between 2500 and 5000 euro in total. If you are applying at a private college, you should get informed about the fees on the relevant website, because they vary a lot. 

Finance your studies in Greece

The State Scholarship Foundation (IKY) offers financial assistance and scholarships for students with over-average performance. Except of this institution, there are also other foreign foundations and also some universities, which award Master students with scholarships.

As a foreign student, you would be able to find a part-time or a summer job to support your studies. However, this is not a popular practice in Greece as most universities do not have tuition fees.

Living costs in Greece

Costs of living are among the cheapest in Europe, which makes Greece one of the most affordable European countries for students. You will spend around 600 euro per month in total (inclusive accommodation). Accommodation costs vary by places, whereby Thessaloniki and Athens are the biggest cities, the best student locations and also the most expensive ones. A private one-room apartment costs around 250- 300 euro, but there are cheaper living options for students, such as sharing an apartment or renting a university dormitory. 

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