Masters in Hungary
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Masters in Hungary

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Why Hungary?

Hungary is evolving as one of Europe’s most popular destinations for international Masters students, not only because of its low admission restrictions but also because of its progressive education system. Like most European countries, Hungary has been taking part in the Bologna Process, offering the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and three levels of degrees: undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes. As a consequence, your Masters degree will mostly be accepted all over the world.

Another advantage of doing a Masters course in Hungary is the language of instruction. Most Hungarian universities offer a great range of Masters programmes taught in English or German. Hence taking a Hungarian language course is not absolutely necessary, but being able to speak Hungarian will be helpful in your daily life.

Tuition fees for a Masters in Hungary

Although the admission standards at Hungarian universities are quite low—making it easier to take up a Masters course in Hungary than it is at universities in other countries—tuition fees can be rather high. You have to expect annual fees of about €7,000 to €11,000. In return, the costs of living in Hungary are below the European standard. About €400 per month will usually be enough to pay for your student life in Hungary.

Culture in Hungary

Located in the centre of Europe, Hungary combines western and eastern traditions. In major cities such as Budapest (the Hungarian capital), you can find an attractive cultural life featuring theatres, esteemed ballet and contemporary dance performances, as well as museums and art exhibitions. If you would like to experience traditional life in Hungary, you have to go to the small villages with their traditional clothing styles and customs. Many people there are very proud of their heritage and continue to celebrate these traditions in daily life.

The Hungarian people attach great importance to politeness: Kérem szépen (you’re welcome) is one of the most important sentences.

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Here is an overview of universities in Hungary:


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