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Masters in Ireland

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Enjoying Ireland while studying for a Masters

Ireland is a beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean, separated from Great Britain by the Irish Sea and the North Channel. The island is politically divided into the ‘Republic of Ireland’ in the south and ‘Northern Ireland’, which belongs to the United Kingdom.

The Irish education system is similar to the British one. At the university level, there are undergraduate and postgraduate studies. In other words, the globally accepted Bachelors and Masters system is firmly established at most Irish universities. Before you apply for a Masters programme in Ireland you should check the admissions requirements of your chosen university. You will probably have to provide evidence of your English language skills, for instance by means of a language course. Furthermore, your undergraduate degree may not be fully accepted by the Irish university, meaning you might have to complete further undergraduate courses prior to beginning your Masters studies.

Most Masters programmes in Ireland are divided into ‘research’ and ‘taught’ courses. Research courses consist of project work and independent study, creating a perfect learning atmosphere for your Masters. Taught courses are intended for those who prefer the more conventional way of studying, that is, through lectures and seminars.

Tuition fees for a Masters in Ireland

Annual tuition fees at Irish universities depend on the school and the specific postgraduate study course you choose. The fees can reach up to €20,000 per year, while at other universities they are just below €3,000 per year.

Ireland: The Emerald Isle

Ireland is known for the friendliness of its people, its unspoiled nature and the unique Irish sense of humour. Especially the Irish countryside has a lot to offer: the seaside, wide green fields you may have seen in commercials, and architectural monuments. But it is not only a perfect place for nature lovers but also for people who love living in a metropolis like Dublin.

Irish literature, with famous writers like Oscar Wilde and James Joyce, as well as Ireland’s popular folk music are all part of Irish culture. The best-known Irish holiday is Saint Patrick’s Day, which is also celebrated beyond Ireland’s borders. The shamrock (‘little clover’) is Ireland’s unofficial symbol because, according to legend, St. Patrick once used it as a metaphor for the Christian Trinity.

Studying abroad in Ireland, you may meet your personal Leprechaun (a type of fairy in Irish folklore) leading you to his hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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