Masters in Norway
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Masters in Norway

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General information about higher education in Norway

Norway is one of the richest countries in the world with a high standard of living and education. It not only boasts beautiful nature but also a high level of internationalization in all sectors. Norwegian universities are well equipped and provide their students with cutting-edge technologies. This is just one reason for Norway’s strong international reputation. The educational emphasis is on real-world learning and the integration of classroom theory with practical experience at the workplace. The Norwegian education system forces you to develop your soft skills, which will be very helpful for your future career.

The personal learning atmosphere at Norwegian universities enables you to express yourself, creating a perfect environment for independent thinking. Classes in Norwegian Masters courses are comparatively small, enabling you to get into close contact with your teachers and fellow students.

The language of instruction is mostly Norwegian. But there are more and more Masters programmes that will be taught in English. Before you can start your Masters study in Norway, you have to prove that you are able to speak the course language (English or Norwegian) of your chosen course, either by taking a language course or by passing an exam.

What does a Masters in Norway cost?

At public universities in Norway there are no tuition fees, except for a small semester fee of about €60 for the student welfare organization. At most private universities there are tuition fees. The best way to learn about tuition fees is by contacting your chosen university directly.

Norway: Cold country, warm people

Even though Norway is a cold country, Norwegian nature has a lot to offer and makes you forget the low temperatures: the northern lights, the midnight sun, fjords and mountains. Moreover, the climate is perfect for many outdoor activities like skiing, hiking and water rafting.

You can enjoy Norwegian culture in museums and theatres or just by experiencing its nightlife. Most universities in Norway have a student welfare organization that organizes activities ranging from sport events to student parties.

As suggested above, Norwegian people are very warm-hearted and welcoming towards foreigners. As an international student you will have no problems mingling with Norwegians.

Here is an overview of universities in Norway:


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