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Masters in Poland

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Why apply for a Masters in Poland?

If you are looking for high-quality education, then Poland might be the right choice for you. The Polish Higher Education system has a long tradition reaching back to the Middle Ages, such as the Uniwersytet Jagielloński in Krakow. Nowadays, Poland’s education landscape has enlarged rapidly, so you have a vast variety of private and state owned universities to choose from. The number of students has increased manifold so that each year almost half a million young people begin their education at universities. This allows courses to be dynamic and interesting, accommodating every field of study you might possibly be interested in. 

Most Polish universities offer a large variety of their study programmes in English. That is why speaking fluent Polish is not a necessity but will certainly come in handy in everyday use. It will also certainly benefit your future career in many ways. 

As many other countries in Europe, Poland also takes an active part in the Bologna process. Thanks to the adoption of the ECTS system you can be fully mobile with your Polish Master’s degree. There might be a few exceptions however, so better check with your chosen university.

Find all about your future Masters and meet representatives from the best universities in Poland and all around Europe at the MASTER AND MORE fair in Warsaw! 

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Tuition fees for a Masters in Poland

Full-time higher education in Poland is free of charge for Polish citizens. For foreigners who choose to commence their studies at a state higher education institution in Poland it is also free of charge on terms applicable to Polish citizens. If these terms do not apply, then you are required to pay tuition fees of about €2000 to €3000 as an EU/Non-EU citizen for your chosen Master’s degree.

Poland: The cultural crossroad of Eastern and Western Europe

Being located at the very centre, Poland is the seventh biggest country on the European continent, serving as a crossroad between Eastern and Western Europe. Poland’s population is also relatively young – half the population is less than 35 years old, making it a dynamic and interesting place to study for your Masters. Warsaw, for example, is located in the top fifty of the City Brand Index, making it an attractive place to live. Find out about Poland’s turbulent history, explore the old architecture and discover the country, where many famous artists and Nobel Prize winners come from.

Study in Poznan, Poland

Poznan is a academic metropolis in the heart of Europe where history meets modernity. It is a very suitable place to study, for running a business, enjoying culture and entertainment. Poznan vibrates with life and over 120,000 students from 80 countries studying at 27 universities provide Poznan with incredible dose of energy and co-create its climate. Poznan offers top level’s of education. Its universities are among Poland’s most prominent ones, and the educational centres and campuses are one of the most modern in Poland. Our city attracts people who are ambitious, brave and ready to face new challenges. Interesting course offers and numerous development opportunities are what draw students' attention to Poznan.

Almost 300 student organizations and scientific circles function here successfully. Every year over 3,000 conferences events are organized in our town. Poznan is an important centre of science and research in Poland. It is also among the largest financial and business centers. Poznan is home to 100,000 enterprises and here is the lowest unemployment rate in Poland. Poznan offers not only a high quality of education, but also a top quality of life. This is confirmed by the titles and prizes awarded in the prestigious rankings.

It is enough to spend just a few days here to feel fantastic atmosphere and the comfort of local life, as well as to discover the unique potential of Poznan.  Here, you can pursue each of your passions, and exchange experiences in an international scientific environment. Universities and colleges offer numerous courses and study programs, conducted in foreign languages with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Each year, 40,000 students graduate from Poznan institutions of higher education. Three quarters of them are outsiders who have chosen to stay in the town they believe to be best for learning and socializing.

It is only 2,5h from Berlin to come, enjoy and fall in love in Poznan!

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