Masters in Singapore
Study in the "Garden city" and get to know a unique Asian culture!

Masters in Singapore

Why apply for a Masters in Singapore?

Located in Southeast Asia, this diamond-shaped island is becoming a very popular study destination among students. With few but famous universities, Singapore offers high quality education, modern teaching methods and cutting edge facilities. As a student in Singapore, you will experience one of the most vibrant cultures of the 21st century.

Tourists love Singapore – an exotic location, surrounded by the ocean, full with beautiful modern buildings and mind-blowing beaches. It is a great advantage to study there, as you will have a longer stay than just a touristic one and more time to get to know the country and its lifestyle.

Singapore offers a unique education system with a strong emphasis on particular areas. The courses are focused on interesting topics such as innovation, entrepreneurship and engineering and many of them are entirely delivered in English. Of course, you can also choose from a variety of bilingual courses with study languages like Malay or Mandarin. Are you ready for a year or two in this wonderful Asian country?

General admission requirements

Singaporean universities welcome more than 80 000 international students annually. For this reason placement is more competitive as availability of certain programmes is usually limited. 

  • An excellent Bachelor’s degree in a similar subject
  • Letter of recommendation
  • English language proficiency 
  • Entry examination
  • Study visa
  • CV

Tuition fees

The amount of the tuition fees depends on the university you are interested in. Generally, it ranges from $15 000 to $50 000 per year. There are also several separately payable costs, for example those for application and examination.


Scholarships are highly emphasized in the education system in Singapore. They are offered by many agencies, organizations and universities. To receive them, students must have certain academic success or achievements. A popular funding option is the APEC Scholarship, applicable for certain nationalities. 

Accommodation, costs and transportation

In Singapore, you will have many options when it comes to choosing where to live, what to eat and how to get around your area. There are two types of accommodation – university residence and private rentals.

Like in other countries, university residence is the most popular choice among students. At the same time it is also limited and often available only for certain periods within the duration of your study. 

Private rentals are also a good choice, especially if you plan to share an apartment with friends. Expect to pay around $350 every month. If you prefer to live on your own prices can go up to $800 per month.

A monthly transport pass will cost you anywhere between $70 and $80. The best way to get around your area is by bus. There is also an excellent rail network. Water transport is also available – there are many scheduled ferry services around the city. 

Singapore has long traditions in the culinary art. Local dishes can be found around the many restaurants and hawker centers. Most meals consist of a lot of rice, seafood and chicken meat. Make sure you try out “Hainanese chicken rice”, “Laksa” and “Char Kuay Teow”. There are also many local supermarkets and shops where you can find products to cook on your own for around $150 per month. 

Living in Singapore

Singapore is the only island city-state in the world. It is a global commerce, finance and business center. Therefore, the “Lion City” has high standards and living there is expensive. Did you know that Singapore is one of the safest places to live and work in Asia?

You can use your free time for a wide range of activities. Nightlife is a big deal for Singaporeans - with many nightclubs, pubs and beach bars. During the day, you can explore the large shopping malls or go for a walk in one of the many green areas around. Additionally, you can also discover Singaporean history and heritage, as the country is home to 4 ethnic groups – Indians, Malays, Eurasian and Chinese.  If you are interested in sports, and lucky enough, you can also enjoy the world-famous Singapore Grand Prix. 

Although Singapore has a tropical climate there is a very interesting “Snow City” facility for students who love winter sports. In addition, you can stick to the regular weather and go windsurfing, wakeboarding or swimming at one of the many beaches. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

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