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Masters in Slovakia

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Why apply for Masters here?

Study in the heart of Europe, travel in the unspoiled nature and investigate numerous historical sites… These are just a few of the many benefits of choosing Slovakia for your Masters. The education in the country is not only of excellent quality, but also very affordable.  

Did you know that from Bratislava it only takes a one hour drive to reach Vienna and thus the two cities are the two closest capitals in Europe?  It is just a couple of hours drive to reach Budapest and only three to get to Prague, as well. The unique position of Slovakia makes it the perfect place, if you want to travel while studying. 

Do you like medieval history and nature like in a fairytale?  While in Slovakia, you can visit hundreds of castles and go hiking in the magical Tatra mountains,  enjoy perfect skiing slopes and try the country’s favorite sport – hockey. Slovakia is developing fast and offers a high standard of living, as well as a vivid culture and progressive art scene. 

Educational System in Slovakia

The higher education in Slovakia is provided by three types of institutions:

  • Public - most of the schools for higher education belong to this group.  They are funded by the government. 
  • State – military, police or medical schools. They are financed by corresponding ministries.
  • Private – established and funded by non-governmental institutions, but accredited by the Ministry of Education.

Masters study programmes  usually require between one and three years to complete.  Normally, to obtain the the degree you will have to write a master thesis as well as pass a state exam.

The official language in the country is Slovak, but don’t worry if you still haven’t started with it.  There are a number of institutions that offer Master courses in foreign languages – most often in English, but also is some cases – in German, French or Hungarian. 

Admission for Masters programmes in Slovakia

You have acquired your Bachelor degree successfully and are now looking for a Masters programme? Then you will need to check the specific requirements in your faculty of choice as typically every faculty determines its own criteria for students’ admissions. In some cases, you might be required to take additional preparatory courses, including a language course. 

Fees and costs of living in Slovakia 

In the state and public universities studies are free of charge both for Slovak citizens, as well as those from EU member states. The same goes also for citizens of the EEA or Switzerland, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia and Ukraine. For the non-EU students the annual fees are between 2 and 5 thousand euros.  

Most of the institutions of higher education offer housing in dormitories. The accommodation there is around 70 euros per month. Often rooms in dormitories are shared with one or two other students. If you prefer to rent your own apartment, be prepared to pay around 300 euros monthly in Bratislava for a single-roomed- apartment.

The Slovak capital offers a broad choice of universities and courses, but you can also take a look at the other important university towns: Banská Bystrica, Košice, Liptovský Mikuláš, Nitra, Prešov, Ruzomberok, Trnava, Trencín, Zvolen and Zilina.

How to fund your studies in Slovakia?

One way to fund your Masters in Slovakia would be to get a scholarship.

The Scholarship Programme of Slovakia awards grants to international students in the following cases:

  • Students who are taking Masters courses in a foreign university, but have been invited by a public, state or private university in Slovakia and need the money for the sole purpose of starting their studies in the Slovak republic.
  • Researchers or artists who have been invited to conduct a research or to participate in an art programme.

As it might be difficult to receive a national student grant, we recommend you to look for international scholarship opportunities  that could fit to your field of study. Normally to receive those grants, you would have to prove top grades in your Bachelors studies and write a good motivation letter. In some cases there are specific scholarships based on criteria such as religion, nationality, special needs or financial situation.

Another option are the student loans

National students and foreigners possessing Slovak nationality could apply for a loan by the state’s Study Loan Fund. The grants are given to cover students’ costs for accommodation, travel, study books etc. However, if you can’t prove a Slovak nationality, you could research the conditions in your own country. You will find some useful information here.

You could always look for a student job

It is not always easy for students to find jobs in Slovakia as the job market is relatively small and the unemployment rate is high. You might be able, however, to find an interesting job that requires your special language skills. It is not uncommon to meet international students working in bars, restaurants, the tourism sector, or even major international companies.

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