Masters in the USA
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Masters in the USA

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Master Degree – Study abroad in the United States

Some of the most renowned and prestigious universities can be found in the USA. The American higher education system offers a huge amount of different degrees and is known for its excellent research. Therefore, it is not surprising that the United States are a popular country for international students, who want to obtain a master’s degree.

The US higher education system uses the three-tier system – bachelor, master and doctorate. Most master degrees fall into the internationally known categorization of Master of Arts or Master of Science, but also a lot of special degrees do exist.

Admission regulations to the various master programmes differ greatly. While some universities will accept an application and a transcript, others require special tests (in example GMAT) or even letters of recommendation. Make sure you check out the requirements of your desired school in advance.

Costs for a Masters in the USA

Tuition fees can greatly vary between the different types of school. Things like state of residence and nationality can also make a huge difference. US citizens, who study in their state of residence, will have to pay the lowest amount of tuition fees, about $12,000 a year. Meanwhile, out-of-state tuition can sometimes amount to $30,000 a year. Same goes for international students. Their tuition fees are on average $50,000 per year. Hence, applying for grants and scholarships is definitely worth your time!

The United States of America – Land of the Free

The USA is still the dream country for quite a lot of people. Next to expensive high-class education, you will be able to enjoy a very diverse country, which hosts a lot of different cultures. If you enjoy nature and adventures, then the USA is the right place for you. Big wide open spaces are what America is best at.

Also in the big spacious cities, like the Big Apple or windy Chicago, there is much to discover. Climb the Rockefeller Center or go for a night out in Chinatown. Studying in the States certainly has a lot to offer.

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