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Masters in Turkey

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Higher education landscape in Turkey

The higher education landscape in Turkey is developing quite fast in the last few decades, so that now there are around 200 universities in the country. They are classified as state or foundational (private). In the beginning of the 21st century, 53 of the 76 universities belonged to the state. 

However, the higher educational scene in Turkey isn’t developing just in terms of quantity, but also the quality is improving constantly. According to the BRICS & Emerging Economies Ranking for 2016, there are 7 Turkish universities in the Top 100. 

Turkish higher educational institutions put a lot of effort to ease study and life for international students. Due to this, there is a rising interest by foreign students to do their Masters or to spend a semester abroad in Turkey. A usual Master’s degree lasts for 2 years, including the Master’s thesis and 1 year without it. More and more Turkish universities offer Masters programmes, entirely taught in English, or sometimes even in French or German. 

Admission in Turkish universities

If you want to do your Masters in Turkey in English, you have to prove your language skills either with one of the worldwide recognized English certificates (IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, etc.). For the applicants, who don’t have one, there is the possibility to take a language exam at the university or to study one language preparatory year. 

Turkish visa is also a must, if you are planning to study there. Make sure that you apply for a visa in the relevant Embassy or Consulate, because the electronic visa (e-Visa) is applicable only for tourists. As a long-term student you need to register in the local police department.

You would also need to have your Bachelor’s diploma, to fill an international student application form, and to pay an application fee. 

Tuition fees at Turkish universities

Tuition fees at state universities in Turkey might be around 250, 300 euro per semester. This price could vary, depending on your nationality or language of instruction – if you study in Turkish, you would pay less than if you study in English. Anyway, the state universities in Turkey are more affordable than the private ones. 

Life and living costs in Turkey

The quality of education is one of the reasons why graduates choose Turkey for their Masters. Others are the lower living costs and the cultural richness of the country. 

There is a lot to say about the life in Turkey, but we will sum up the mixture of European an Asian culture, delicious traditional food and coffee, beautiful landscapes, great climate with four seasons, colorful social and cultural life with plenty of possibilities to visit museums, churches, mosques, sightseeing, sports and party.

Depending on the city you live in and the type of accommodation (some universities offer student dormitories), the money you spend varies a lot. Generally, you can calculate around 400, 500 euro per month for accommodation, food, clothes, entertainment and transportation.

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