MBA IT Management
Obtain MBA in IT Management, if you are striving for a managerial career in the IT sector!

MBA IT Management

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In today’s world, information management has an increasing strategic importance in public and private sector organisations, as effective management of information is central to the success of many companies and our knowledge-based society. The MBA IT Management offers you the appropriate academic qualification.

Focus in MBA IT Management

The emphasis in MBA IT Management is managing information technology and knowledge assets in organisations, this means learning to appropriately manage and apply powerful and cost-effective information systems. It also covers business aspects in the planning and implementation of complex IT structures and information security projects.

In addition to acquiring technical knowledge you also deal with management issues, most common of these are project or network management and IT security policy. 

Entry requirements

The MBA IT Management usually last two to four semesters and most admission processes place a strong emphasis on already gathered work experience and appropriateness of a previously earned degree. After successfully completing your studies, you will receive the academic title of Master of Business Administration (MBA).

MBA IT Management – Career prospects

With an MBA in Information Technology Management in your pocket, you can start working in various fields. Possible occupations are:

  • Company management in the IT sector
  • Head of the IT department
  • IT development and computer science
  • IT consultant
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