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Overview and history

Music schools are institutions for higher education, whereby you can obtain your Bachelors, Masters and Doctors degree in different areas of music. Such are singing, music composing, playing diverse music instruments, musical history and theory, or dancing.

Many universities have music departments, where you can get a music education. Furthermore, some institutions are specialised and offer musical study programmes, in particular. There are plenty of different names, that such institution might have – Conservatory, Musical University, University of Music, Music School, Music College, College of Music, School of Music, School of Arts and Music. Many Art Schools also offer diverse Masters programmes for students, who are talented and interested in music.

As music and arts have been important since ancient times and has grown even more in the Middle Ages, Music Schools exist for many centuries. It is a common suggestion, that the first one is the Schola Cantorum in Rome and it dates back to the 4th century.  

Main courses

The courses, taught in a music school are diverse as a result of the many different music fields, on which your study programme can be specialised.  Although, there are some courses, such as “music history” and “music theory”, which could be common for different musical Masters programmes. 

Degrees in a music school

Music departments and music schools award graduates with several different Masters degrees. Typically, you could get a Master of Music degree, if you have studied music performance or music pedagogy and education. If you have obtained your Masters in the fields of music theory, musicology or history of music, you would rather be awarded as a Master of Arts or even Master of Music Theory. Some universities have also specific degrees for music pedagogy as Master of Music Education or just Master of Education. However, the awards vary by countries and educational institutions, which is why we recommend you to check the details with the musical school you are interested in. 

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