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MASTER AND MORE releases news on a regular basis to inform you about the latest developments related to higher education. We report on new and unique Masters programmes, offer guidance for your postgraduate education and career entry and deliver information on study fairs.

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The beginning of the semester is sometimes frustrating when it comes to getting used to your new schedule, lecturers and courses. As a student in a...

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Sooner or later, your exams and papers will be behind you and there will be a vacation before the second semester starts. Do you already have plans...

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The university years are a special time of your life! Make them count!

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Have you ever visited Krakow and felt like you want to just miss your return flight and stay? :)
Centre for European Studies, Jagiellonian University...

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Snow, Christmas lights, the smell of cinnamon and ginger - it's almost Christmas and vacation time. Either at school or among friends, Secret Santa is...

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Make sure you have registered for the Masters study fair in Milan on 23rd of January, 2018 and check all of the exhibitors online!

Every year, many...

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Everyone who has ever applied for a job knows how hard it is to prepare the application documents and how unsure one could be about their quality. Sol...

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Check out the exhibitors, schedule advisor consultations, bookmark presentations – you are a step closer to choosing the right masters course for you!

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Tip: Visit the Masters Study Fair in your city to find your Masters course abroad (and not only...)!


For a whole degree or just for a semester/year...

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Either for a whole studies or just for Erasmus placement, Germany is among the most attractive study destinations in Europe. You can find your Masters...

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