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MASTER AND MORE releases news on a regular basis to inform you about the latest developments related to higher education. We report on new and unique Masters programmes, offer guidance for your postgraduate education and career entry and deliver information on study fairs.

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British universities are often viewed as the gems of higher education. By offering excellent taught, research and online courses, with rich content...

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Register for your local Masters Fair now and learn more about the participating universities beforehand!


Masters study fairs aim to help...

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According to recent statistics, an increasing number of students decide to launch their studies abroad. In return, they benefit from a whole new...

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Just like all other students, the...

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Admit it – there is a long list of things you would prefer to have known, before starting university. But what if we shortlist 7 facts about student...

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The real reason why Aerospace Engineering, Chemistry and Computer Science are the shining stars on Netflix...


Netflix, Amazon Prime and other...

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Have you ever thought about being a detective? Are you interested in stepping into the world of crime, investigation and justice? Do you wish to...

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Summer has finally began, after you have finished with all the work at the university and you just want to have fun, travel, dance, go camping, party,...

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One might think that Brexit will have a negative influence on the reputation of British universities. On the contrary, the latest rankings show that...

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