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10 free summer festivals in Europe 2017

10 free summer festivals in Europe 2017

Summer has finally began, after you have finished with all the work at the university and you just want to have fun, travel, dance, go camping, party, etc.… However, this all costs money and you are probably open for ideas on how to do something cool with a low budget? These free events around Europe deserve your attention:


1.Wutzrock in Germany

When? 14.-16.07.2017

Where? Hamburg


Wutzrock is not just a festival that offers a lot of music, art and culture. Since its start back in 1979 it is also a sign against fascism and sexism. The headliner remains a secret, but visitors will definitely enjoy Monsters of Liedermaching, Adam Angst, Bazzookas, Messer, Beatpoeten, Jennifer Gegenläufer and many more.

2.Free Summer Festival in Slovakia

When? 22.07.2017

Where? Košice 


As the name suggests, Free Summer is for free and its visitors are mainly young age people. In the last fifteen years this is the biggest music festival in Eastern Slovakia. Each year the organizers introduce to the public domestic and international musicians, mainly in the genres of electronic pop and dance. Not far from the urban area, visitors can still enjoy nature, open-air sports and cultural activities.

3.Thy Lejren Festival in Denmark

When? 27.-29.07.2017

Where? Viborg


Entrance at Thy Lejren is for free only on Thursday, for the next days you will have to pay150 Kr to attend. This is a festival of diversity, where everyone will feel welcome - "punks, hillbillies, quirky characters, snobbish villager, normal, pimples, boss’er, rasta-brothers, techno freaks and hippies". 

4.Festival of the traditional clothing in Bulgaria

When? 18.-20.08.2017

Where? Jeravna


It started 10 years ago in the small and authentic Bulgarian village Jeravna popular with traditional architecture. It is a unique festival, where all participants must wear traditional Bulgarian clothing. This event is also called "jump back in time", because of the atmosphere created by everyone wearing old-fashioned dresses, pants and shirts - you feel like jumping back in the 18th century. Entrance is for free, but you will have to rent your new outfit for an inexpensive prize. However, what you will put on, see, eat and listen to will be a great reward.

5.Woodstock in Poland

When? 3.-05.08.2017

Where? Kostrzyn nad Odra


Woodstock in Poland is among the best and most popular free festivals in Europe. Every year many artists from Poland and abroad perform their music live on the two festival stages – the big and the small (folk) one. Among the line-ups for 2017 are Amon Amarth, Slaves and Prong. 

6.MITO Settembre Musica

When? Throughout September 2017

Where? Milan and Turin, Italy


This music festival takes place at various locations in the cities of Milan and Turin. You can enjoy nice live music at beautiful Italian piazzas for free, or you could visit some performances in historic churches and other buildings – even in Duomo di Milano and Teatro alla Scala (there will be an entrance fee though). Contemporary, jazz, opera or classical artists will perform for you on these diverse scenes.

7.Feel Good Festival in the UK

When? 11.-12.08.2017

Where? Rochdale


In 2017, the Feel Good Festival celebrates its 10th birthday with live music across several indoor venues. The main stage will be in the Rochdale Town Hall Tower. You will have the opportunity to get to know some nice local music artists, enjoy their music and feel good. For a cheap accommodation, you could take a look at the camping options at Hollingworth Lake, located around 5 km away from the festival.

8.La Tomatina in Spain

When? 30.08.2017

Where? Bunol, Valencia


Every last Wednesday of August, La Tomatina Festival takes place in Valencia, where streets still remember cruel battles and the taste of tomatoes. If you decide to visit, make sure that you don’t wear clothes you like, because they will be damaged and remember to take spare ones to put on when the event is over. This is a really huge event and people travel from all over the world to visit it. 

9.La Roche Bluegrass Festival in France

When? 30.07.-3.08.2017

Where? Roche-sur-Foron in the Alps


Not far from Geneva and Annecy, “the most important European festival, dedicated to the Bluegrass music” is held. Although, France is not the first country you think of when you hear Bluegrass, this is a nice opportunity to enjoy nice American folk music without going to the Appalachians. And what is even better, is that all the concerts are free of charge.

10.Rotterdam Summer Carnival

When? 28.-29.07.2017

Where? Rotterdam


“Zomer Carnaval” is the Dutch version of the Rio and Cologne famous events. Get ready for unlimited live music coming from plenty of outdoor stages across the city as well as a huge street parade. This is a festival of diversity, which shows different cultures through art, food, music and dance, and brings them all together to have fun. And Rotterdam is the perfect spot for this event with its intensity and free spirit.


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