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5 reasons to do a Masters in English

5 reasons to do a Masters in English

It wouldn't be a surprise if we have said that English serves as a lingua franca for Europe and even the entire world. Its importance in communication, business, technology and international diplomacy, but also in academic research and education has increased enormously during the 20th century. Having this in mind we have summarized some of the main reasons why you should consider a Masters taught in English. 

1. A wide range of Masters courses

You will hardly find a European university that doesn't offer at least one study program in English, regardless of the region’s native tongue. And there is no other language that is so widely spoken and used in the academic world. Logically, the widest range of Masters’ courses is in English and if you have a good command of it, there shouldn't be many limitations for your choice. Every European country you pick has surely a university that offers study programs that are accessible for you, and you really have many opportunities. Moreover, as the competition is so big, the quality is also very high.

2.  Great study materials in English

Most and study books are written in English and many of them aren't translated to other languages. Academics just write their scientific papers in English, regardless of their nationality, in order to easily communicate with their colleagues from abroad. English is a must for those who want to be part of this world or just use its products for their studies.

Not only via written academic works but also in your lectures and seminars you could have the opportunity to meet and learn from internationally recognized experts in the relevant field, as having guest professors is a regular practice at many universities. 

Of course, the study materials aren't limited to papers and lectures; they could be different media as movies, songs, interviews and etc. You will most probably need such when it comes to your own research or Masters thesis.

3.  A highlight in your CV

The fact that you have graduated your Masters in English means that you have a good command of it. In your CV, this is an even more important proof of your foreign language skills for your employer than a language certificate acquired years ago.

Your international experience is a sign that you are a motivated person who is eager to learn and ready to face new challenges. It shows that you are used to an international environment and have advanced communication skills, which is a big advantage for many job positions.

4.  Preparation for the international job market

Especially if you are seeking an international job position in your home country or abroad, your international Masters will be seen as a preparation and will give you some bonus points at your job interview. 

Your Masters in English might be a great help after you get hired, too. While studying, you have learned all the needed terms and expressions in English and now you won't have any problems by implementing this vocabulary in your real work.

5.  Improving your own language skills

Last but not least, you will definitely improve your English while studying a Masters in English. No matter how good you were at the beginning, you will notice that words come to mind more easily and that you think in English more often than before. Practice makes better and this is the right way!

If we have convinced you of how useful it is and you are now looking for your English-taught Masters, check out the MASTER AND MORE fairs around Europe and meet universities from all over the world at one place!

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