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7 facts about university life every Masters student should have in mind

7 facts about university life every Masters student should have in mind

Admit it – there is a long list of things you would prefer to have known, before starting university. But what if we shortlist 7 facts about student life that can make your Masters experience much easier and more beneficial? Time to figure it out!

1. Your monthly budget needs planning

Costs, fees, finances – they are always a pain in the back. But when planned carefully and accurately, their calculation is less problematic. In order to achieve this, try to bring up some past figures from your freshman years and conclude with an estimate of what you will be spending. 

For example, you should definitely include your cost for accommodation, meals, books and other materials, while also having in mind any additional expenditure when socializing. As a result, you will have a clear picture of your expected expenses and have the opportunity to set aside some money for unplanned cases.

2. There are many places to study

Having trouble with noisy roommates who always disrupt you when studying? Not anymore, as you can easily visit the university library and enjoy the silence while preparing for your exam. Aside from that, most libraries also offer free computer access (with Internet connection) and a section with non-educational books, newspapers and magazines to use in your free time. 

Depending on the weather conditions, you can think about going to the local park or finding your own unique place for studying like a café, on the beach or in the public transport!

3. You should always save some time for yourself

Devoting your time (and yourself) entirely to your studies is not only a bad idea – it is impossible. Why? Because now and then, everyone needs a distraction and some rest.

And there is no better place to practice your hobbies than at the countless student clubs, groups and societies you can easily become a member of. Most of them rarely have any requirements rather than a shared interest in a subject or an expressed desire to work for a project. You can even contact the student union personally and launch your very own society!

4. Grades (or scores) aren't obligatory an indicator of success

One of the most common student misconceptions to date is the saying that your semester or overall scores always equal the amount of knowledge you have gained. In reality, this is often wrong, as academic tests and the other forms of examination are sometimes subjective. 

This statement is valid not only because a set of ten questions cannot display your full potential and knowledge. Even the perfectly prepared student could fail because of unexpected factors like specific topic, an overcomplicated exam or simply bad luck. How to evade this situation? Just try not to focus on a streak of perfect scores so much and remember that graduating with a Masters is not a success – it is   a step towards being successful.

5. Finding a part-time job is not a bad idea

A major benefit of being a student is that a number of companies will be interested in someone just like you. Yes, you! HR teams are in a constant search for young and motivated people who are looking for an opportunity to launch a career during their Masters stage of study. And this is not even the best part.

Flexible working hours, a reasonable salary and a place to practice your knowledge are some of the advantages of having a student job. Not to mention the fact that you will have something to write about in your CV. Pay a visit to your local university career center or have a thorough look on any job sites you can stumble upon and start thinking about your future today!

6. Leaving “Hotel Mama” will make you more responsible

Many start living without their parents in their student’s years. During that time you have to learn how to take care of yourself when there is no one to cook or do the laundry for you. For this reason, make the most out of your first stages of adulthood and try to get used to some daily routines and more acts of independence. This way you will quickly adapt to the process and prove that you can become a self-caring and responsible person even when you are in your early 20s. 

7. Friends make everything easier

Having close friends or a “bestie” can change your entire university experience. Not to mention the fact that you might even expand a lifelong relationship with them. Still, even if you don’t, you will always remember them (and vice versa) for a number of reasons.

For example, can you recall the day when a good colleague helped you just enough to pass that horrible exam? Or maybe the countless times when your fellows brought you some lunch and helped you with your homework? Oh, or you prefer to relive that moment when they threw you an unforgettable surprise birthday party? Regardless, it is easy to see why friends are an inseparable part of your university years and should continue to be such for a lifetime. 

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