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8 most popular study destinations for Czech students

8 most popular study destinations for Czech students

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Just like all other students, the Czechs have their preferred study destinations and of course, universities. Which are they? Check and see if you can find out more about your dream country too!

1. Germany

Unsurprisingly, we start off our list with a neighboring country. But honestly, how can you not consider enrolling at a German university? Even if you are not keen on becoming fluent in German, you can choose from a plenty of English courses and benefit from free of charge education. On top of that, most universities have specialized in many subject areas and combine unique curriculum with many double degree opportunities. From a non-educational point of view, Germans and Czechs have a lot in common when it comes to their love for beer!

2. Austria

And while have attracted the attention of all beer-loving students, let’s mention a few curious facts about Austrian higher education. First of all, there are no tuition fees for EU students at public universities – only a 19€ contribution per semester. Secondly, there is a diversity of courses delivered in languages different than German with a strong concentration on the fields of business, humanities and applied sciences. And finally, Austrian universities offer unsurpassed hospitality when it comes to ensuring a proper study environment for students from different nationalities. 

3. Switzerland

Have you ever wondered what the land of exquisite cheese, excellent wine and century-long watchmaking is more than famous for? You guessed it – with its universities. With a combination of up-to-date postgraduate courses delivered in more than three languages (German, French, Italian and English) and an excellent educational policy including many investments, the Swiss have already found the perfect formula for attracting the modern student. And if you don’t believe us, just ask the Czech – Switzerland is among the most preferred countries for them to study abroad!

4. Slovakia

Our following entry is another neighbor country that shares a lot if history pages with the Czech Republic. From 1918 to 1993, the European continent was home to the sovereign state of Czechoslovakia which existed as a part of the Soviet bloc. After its dissolution, the newly formed Slovakia preserved a peaceful relationship with the Czech who today choose the country for business, education and tourism activities. This is possible due to the similar language environment and cultural similarity that the two nations share, while the students can also benefit from exemption of tuition fees at Slovak public universities. In addition, Slovakia is home to some of the most talented hockey teams in the world – one of the favorite sports in the Czech Republic.

5. Denmark

In recent years, the Danes have gained popularity with their increasingly high living standard and happy way of life. With an attempt to at least partially share their model of success, Danish universities implemented a handful of changes allowing their students to experience world-class education. For example, every student can seek for a Masters in Denmark for free with an opportunity to take Danish languages courses for free. Additionally, there are a handful of institutions with a technological or scientific focus allowing better specialization and greater career opportunities. 

6. Belgium

Since the beginning of the 21st century, Belgium rapidly developed into one of the leading economic, political and educational centers in the EU. Hoping to continue this trend, Belgian universities opened their doors to students from all over the world making way for an introduction of mass student diversity. This internationalization process quickly allowed higher education institutions to become a center of attention with their strong emphasis on research, religious and political courses. Fun fact – the Belgian and Czech are still leading a timeworn battle for the best beer in the world!

7. Spain

Having the feeling that our list is getting a bit chilly? No worries, this time we are travelling to a warm and exotic country with 76 universities! Indeed, Spain is currently home to some of the most prestigious and respected institutions offering studies in every field or subject you can imagine. On top of that, you get to practice a language that could break any communication barriers with more than 400 million Spanish native speakers! 

8. UK

No list would be complete without mentioning the United Kingdom and its grand total of 130 universities. And quantity is not even the best part, as English universities are constantly included in official world ranking lists for their long roots and unsurpassed traditions in higher education. So, ready to choose between taught or research degrees? Or maybe you are keen on an international MBA course with a partnering foreign institution? Whatever your choice, make sure you find information about the new forms of admission after the events of Brexit


If you are interested in learning more about studying in these countries and meeting in person representatives of universities from abroad, come and visit Masters fair in Prague.


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