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8 things to do before you leave university

8 Things to do before you leave university

The university years are a special time of your life! Make them count!

Besides studying, there are many other activities meant just for students. Some of them could broaden your horizon, contribute to your personal development and influence your future decisions. You might not have the chance to do the following 8 things after your graduation, either due to a lack of time or because they are eligible only for students. Spend your time wisely and take advantage of what your university and the countless student associations have to offer! 

1. Semester abroad

This once in a lifetime chance isn't something you want to miss! European universities have built strong relationships, offering students the unique opportunity to spend one semester (or year) at a partner institution. With some internship for exchange students and great tutors to welcome and help you in the guest county, your stay will not be too hard to arrange. Experiencing the university life in a different country, getting to know the new culture, improving your foreign language skills, meeting new international friends, visiting new places - these are just some of the advantages of your semester abroad!


2. Learn a foreign language

Now is the time to learn or improve your foreign language competences. As a student, you can invest more time to concentrate on this task. Furthermore, you could learn and practice your new skill when you travel, study abroad or write your thesis and it might turn into your work language later. When you start your full job after graduation, you won't have so much time and opportunities to practice a new language that you are starting to learn. That might turn into a reason why you aren’t catching it as fast as you used to before! Also, you have many cheaper opportunities now than you will in the future. Universities offer courses for their students for free or at affordable prices - a chance you shouldn't miss!

3. Get involved in a voluntary project

As a mature person you definitely care about some causes such as the environment, animals, education, children or culture. Have you ever thought of supporting them? It brings joy and is personally fulfilling. There are many cool projects you could take part in as a student. And volunteering doesn't just make you feel like doing something meaningful and important for someone else, but is also fun and a way to meet great people, too. You could even choose a long-term voluntary project and travel to some nice places during the summer break - check out what the European Voluntary Service (EVS) offers! Besides the mentioned assets for you, your voluntary experience will be also a good point in your CV, as dedicated and enthusiastic people are highly appreciated by every employer.

4. Take part in a student project or organization

If you like voluntary work maybe this point is also interesting for you, as both student organizations and NGOs support diverse ideal causes. Usually, the topics here are related to education and university life. You might want to become part of a student society with some special interests - theatre or movie lovers who organize cinema events in the campus or environmental and health supporters whose goal is to popularize bicycles as a transportation among students. Or maybe you would like to welcome new Erasmus students and show them around? There are plenty of initiatives that you could choose from. Some student organizations have become quite big and international and could even offer you a small salary for your dedicated work. In addition, you could learn to work in a team, develop your soft skills and get some new networking opportunities!

5. Low-cost travels

Discounts are among the best parts of being a student. Now you have unbelievable opportunities to travel on a low budget as almost every bus or train carrier offers reduced tickets for students - for example, check out Busabout or Eurolines. You could also take advantage of services like interrail or raileurope or just book budget airlines. When you arrive at your destination, you can search for student discount offers for accommodation such as youth hostels, airbnb or even experience some new ways of travelling like couchsurfing. Always check the student rates for museums, galleries, theatres, amusement parks etc. when sightseeing!

Besides finding a good deal when travelling on your own, you can also join a trip organized by your university or student association - it's usually convenient and another good way to make new friends.

6. Stay active and fit with sport at the university

Most universities have great campuses with sport facilities and offer all kinds of sport disciplines for diverse interests. Challenge yourself and try something new! Or just keep on with your favourite activity and stay in shape! Sports are offered either for free or at reduced prices and you should take advantage of this now as in the future you will need to spend much more money on what you can get for a low cost now. Exercise with your classmates and have fun together - you won't regret doing something good for your body and mind!

7. Summer job

The summer vacation is definitely one of the highlights of your student's life. Don't let your time pass by without creating some good memories. One nice idea is to find an exciting job, maybe even in another city or country. Why not become a lifeguard or a mountain guide at some beautiful place? You could choose a work and travel program abroad or just find something in your town to have fun, spend time with new people and contribute to your savings!

8. Visit a Masters fair!

Our last but not least tip for cool things to do before you leave university is to plan your future. Are you going to study further? If the answer is yes we recommend that you consider these important questions in advance: where, what and when? A good way to receive detailed and useful information about your Masters education is to visit a MASTER AND MORE fair in a city near you. Meet universities and find the best choice for your future!

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