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8 Top study destinations for Italian students

8 Top Study Destinations for Italian Students

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Every year, many Italian students enroll for a Masters abroad on a pursuit for an international experience. And just like others, they also have their preferred study destinations. Let’s find out more about that! Maybe you would also choose to study in one of them? 

1. The United Kingdom

British universities are no surprise here, as both the UK and Italy have very strong positions and shared interests in the field of fashion, football and business. What is more, the two nations are the founders of the university concept and have shaped the world of higher education that we know today. Although the effects of Brexit are still unclear, there is one thing that is for sure – the UK educational system remains among the most high-quality ones on the globe.

2. Austria

Aside from welcoming thousands of ski enthusiasts every year, Austrians and Italians have much more in common – for example, both nations exchange many students seeking for a Masters abroad. Austrian universities certainly have a lot to offer. For starters, the majority of the programmes are highly specialized, with a good balance between theory and practice. In addition, there is also the opportunity to study in German or English and even consider the option to gain an internationally accredited double degree. Don’t forget your sunglasses – the Austrian Alps can be quite sunny!

3. France

Originating from the same language family, French and Italian are often confused of being quite similar languages. Similarities spread out to many more aspects of life - cuisine, wine and love for women, which is why Italian students feel more like at home when in France, and of course – the other way around. And while you are not attending one of the local cafés for your latest project work, you will be visiting one of the many wonderful French universities where you will be specializing in a traditional or modern discipline. Did you know that France is a study destination famous for one of the best cross-cultural environments in Europe?

4. Germany

Not long ago the German public higher education system became free of charge for European students. As of today, there is only the existence of a small semester fee which is often viewed as a contribution to the attended German university and its library. Additionally, every student receives a ticket for the public transportation in the whole province. But it is not all about finance, as the Germans have built one of the most successful networks of universities on the continent. This includes not only exceptional curriculum and up-to-date specializations, but also excellent career opportunities when stepping into the global job market. 

5. Belgium

In recent times, Belgian universities have gained a lot of popularity both in Europe and on the world higher education stage. Aside from offering innovative Masters programmes taught in English, German French or/and Dutch, Belgium has also set up an affordable tuition fee margin which appeals to an increasing number of international students with every passed year. Of course, there is also the fact that the country is very well known for promoting multilingualism, while also having three official languages. Did you know that Italy and Belgium are among the founders of the European Union?

6. Denmark

You thought that the country of Lego wouldn’t make it to our list, didn’t you? But indeed, there are many reasons why Italians favor this study destination along with countless other nationalities. As a proven social economy, Denmark invests heavily into building a strong higher education system that favors a more personal approach during one’s studies. Fellow European students can also benefit from free education at public Danish universities and a variety of funding opportunities. Oh, and remember to smile more often, as the Danes are famous for being among the happiest nations on the planet. 

7. Czech Republic

Unsurprisingly, the country often referred to as “the heart of Europe” also takes a special place in this list. With few but quality universities offering standard Master programmes delivered in Czech or  English, this study destination welcomes more than 40,000 international students every year. From a non-education point of view, the small nation offers a vibrant and rich culture combined with outstanding architecture that certainly fits to the unique taste of the Italian student. Fun fact – the Czech Republic is among the leading consumers of beer in the world. Cheers! 

8. Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a small landlocked country located in Central Europe mostly popular as a tourist and winter sport location. But for many students, it is also a different educational experience that is offered mostly in German, but also in English. With several specializations in major study fields including excellent curriculum and a more personal approach, the country has already started to establish as a reputable European study destination. Did you know that Liechtenstein has one of the best economic indicators in the world?

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