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How to find the right Masters

How to find the right Masters

Have you ever heard about the Paradox of Choice? It’s scientifically proven that having too many choices is making us unhappy. Luckily, to choose the right Masters programme, you can consider different criteria, which narrows down your options:

  • Country
  • University rating
  • Curriculum
  • Tuition fees 
  • Campus life
  • Accommodations

All those things play an important role in finding the right Masters programme.

What do I want to study?

Do you want to continue your studies in the same field as your Bachelors programme or do you want something different? For example, can you study Journalism if you have a Bachelor of Philology? You should carefully check the admission requirements and see if you meet them. 

Study mode – full-time, part-time or distance learning?

Have you thought about distance learning? Nowadays there are many opportunities for online learning. You can live in your home country, but study a Masters degree somewhere else. Another flexible option is the part-time study mode. Тhis way you could easily combine learning with working if you are up to this challenge. 


The duration of a programme is also important. Normally, Masters programmes last from one to two years.


A crucial point is whether you want your Masters to be practical or theoretical. Nowadays it‘s important to be practically prepared for the labour market. However, there are a number of professions that require good theoretical knowledge. For example, if you want to become a teacher, a scientist or a lawyer, you certainly have to be very well prepared theoretically, before you rush into work.

In which country do you want to study?

Perhaps it is important for you to know the tuition fees at the universities in the different countries you are considering. For example, German universities  have very good conditions. They typically have a small administration fee per semester, which amounts to approximately 250 euro. This fee includes a free public transport card, as well as a variety of student services. In the U.K. it’s a bit more expensive, but there are plenty of opportunities to get a scholarship to sponsor your education. An additional opportunity to support yourself is to apply for a student loan.

The career opportunities

Why study a Masters, if not to find a great job?

In high school, many people do not know what kind of career they want to pursue. Nevertheless, once you have completed your Bachelors degree, you start wrapping your head around what you would like to do professionally.


Check in detail what career opportunities you will have after the completion of the Masters programme and ask for available internships. Some universities have good relations with the business and they could guide you in your search for a job. 

Get in touch with the university

The best thing you can do to learn more about the programme itself is to contact the university representative or even some of the professors involved in the Masters programme. It’s very helpful for your application process to show profound interest. While you research a programme, there will be some questions which you won’t find the answers to. Do not hesitate and directly contact the university representatives. They will help you! 


Almost every university organises an open day once or twice a year. There you will have the opportunity to explore the campus, see the sports facilities, the library, meet graduate students and talk to them. Generally you will be able to feel the atmosphere and see whether you like it.


Masters study fairs also offer you a unique opportunity - there you can meet representatives of plenty of universities at one place. In case you are not sure what you want to study, the fairs are the right place for you. There you will get first-hand information and you will be professionally advised. Visit one of our upcoming fairs and take the right decision for your Мasters program. Check out our website and contact us for more information.

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