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Master Study at HMKW

A master´s degree from HMKW University of Applied Sciences for Media, Communication and Management opens doors to your academic and professional future.

HMKW´s state-of-the-art master degree programs distinguish themselves through small class sizes with intensive mentoring by excellent lecturers who draw from their industry experience. Through this focus on market-oriented practice, HMKW graduates are perfectly equipped with the skills needed for careers in the ever-expanding media field. At HMKW, students get taught the most current academic knowledge to prepare them for the issues of the future and advance their academic as well as professional careers.

HMKW´s master programs - in Business Psychology, Communication Design, Convergent Journalism, International Marketing and Media Management, Public Relations and Digital Marketing as well as the distance-learning-program Visual and Media Anthropology - bring together students and teaching staff from around the world. In interdisciplinary modules, cross-departmental events and an open and tolerant campus environment you will learn to individually get ahead, together.

HMKW´s flexible full-time and part-time study options in the fields of communication, design, journalism, marketing and psychology will expand your professional qualifications to a level of operational, personal and strategic responsibility and will prepare you for future leadership roles.

HMKW offers their degree programs in all three locations: Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt (Main).

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