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Masters Study Fairs around Europe

Masters Study Fairs around Europe

Register for your local Masters Fair now and learn more about the participating universities beforehand!


Masters study fairs aim to help undergraduates, graduates and young professionals to find the best degree or MBA by gathering universities and students together.


How exactly does this happen? Every visitor has the opportunity to meet exhibiting universities in person and find all details about the study courses they are interested in. While talking to university representatives face to face, students obtain information fast and easy directly from the source and they are free to ask their questions and receive an immediate answer.


In addition, presentations are part of the event’s program and education experts inform students about important topics such as financing, studying abroad and finding a job after graduation. Very often, attendees have the chance to take advantage of some additional services like a professional CV photo or CV check for free.


Ready for a short trip? Let’s explore our Masters Fair destinations and have an in-depth look on what makes the events special and unique!

Masters Fair in Milan

During the upcoming 2018, Italy will welcome the event for the first time! Set to be based in the city of extravagant fashion, the fair hopes to meet many Italian students while presenting an excellent diversity of Masters courses in Business, Law, Social Sciences and more. 

Don’t forget to register for the latest Masters Fair now and benefit from an entrance fee discount and online visit planning!

Masters Fair in Sofia

Masters Fair Sofia was first held in November, 2016 when it attracted many enthusiastic Bulgarian students. With university representatives from diverse European countries, numerous English-taught courses and informative presentations, the event helped many young people to find their desired Masters and is set to land a second visit on the 23rd November 2017.

Furthermore, two lucky students went home with a €500 award to finance their future Masters studies!

Masters Fair in Amsterdam

Together with Sofia, Masters Fair Amsterdam was first introduced back in 2016. The Dutch were very excited to learn more about their preferred study destinations and take part in conversations about scholarship opportunities and accommodation. 

Masters Study Fair will be in Amsterdam again on 21st of November 2017 where courses from all subject areas will be presented to everyone interested!

Masters Fair in Warsaw 

Polish students, get ready for the Masters Fair in Warsaw, which will be in the city for the third time! This year will bring new exhibiting universities offering their latest courses in all disciplines from Business to Biology. Of course, fair booths will be ready for questions and a lot of info materials! 

Plan your visit at LOFT II PIĘTRO now and don’t forget to save the date – 16th November, 2017!

Masters Fair in Prague

And Czech students, you should prepare too, as the Masters Fair in Prague is set to open doors soon for the third time as well! This year, an interesting conference program is currently being prepared again with the great participation of qualified study experts and lectors.

Plan your fair day with your scheduled appointments now and save up to 50% of the admission fee by registering online for the fair online for the event on 14.11.2017!

Masters Fairs in Austria and Germany

Numerous Masters Fairs will be held in Austria and Germany. Both countries are the home of very good universities and have been facing increasing popularity among international students during the last years.


In Austria the event will take place only in Vienna. In Germany students are welcome to visit the Masters Study Fairs in more than 10 major cities! What is more, some fairs will take place both during the winter and summer semesters in order to make it easier for everyone who is interested to visit! 


Keen on becoming fluent in German and enrolling for a Masters at one of the best German universities? Or maybe you prefer combining your studies in Austria with regular ski vacations in the Alps? 



Whatever your choice, register now and plan your fair visit today. You might end up as a regular student without even expecting!


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