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Secret Santa for students: Last minute presents for your friends and colleagues

Secret Santa for students: Last minute presents for your friends and colleagues

Snow, Christmas lights, the smell of cinnamon and ginger - it's almost Christmas and vacation time. Either at school or among friends, Secret Santa is a favourite way to do something nice for each other and wish everybody a great holiday. However, you might realize that there is almost no time left for preparing your present, because of dealing with homework and university projects, working part-time and hanging out with friends. Here we come to save you with some ideas for last minute gifts, that aren't just affordable, but also easy and fast to provide!

1. Voucher

You wouldn't even need to go out the door for it! You could just take a paper and a pen and create your own voucher for an event you want to organize for your fellow. This might be a movie night, a concert, theatre or an outdoor adventure - your creativity is your border. If you have a printer and some basic graphic skills, you could also make it this way. Of course, there is always the opportunity to buy a voucher online for a certain happening. Just pack your present nicely and you're all done with your Secret Santa preparation!

2. Chocolate and sweets

It's a very handy idea because of the big choice you have even in the supermarket across the street. You could pick up different types and pack them as a cornet of diverse sweets. Remember that you can never have too much chocolate, so your present will be appreciated!

3. Christmas decoration

Getting some beautiful toys for the Christmas tree, a little Santa or a Christmas tablecloth always makes people happy and contributes to the good holiday spirit. Besides that, it's easy to get it done, as snowmen, Rudolph, Snow White and the elves are available in many stores in December. 

4. A book or a DVD

It is never a bad idea to give someone a valuable peace of art. Good books and movies influence people's souls and promise a nicely spent time. However, you should consider the recipient’s taste or just listen to the advice of the shop assistants - they definitely know some products that are suitable for the taste of many people.

5. A personal photo gift

Photos are always well appreciated as a very personal gift. You could easily make a selection of good shots from the best times spent together with your buddy – a vacation, a party, some other special event you have visited together or just a regular day at school. In a photo box or as a self-decorated poster, your present will definitely make your friend happy!

6. A hand-written letter

In the digital era it is an almost forgotten art and this is what makes it so special and makes people feel appreciated! You could write about your time together or tell the person what you like about him/her.

7. Warm fluffy Christmas socks

A very suitable gift for this cold time of the year! Fluffy socks are cute and easy to find in the next big supermarket, shopping center or little boutique. And your fellow will stay warm and enjoy the cozy feeling they provide.

8. Travel map

A cool present idea for keen travelers: just a country map (alternatively world or continent) that you could buy in every bookstore. In urgent cases you could even print one from your computer and use your creativity to decorate it – stick it to a pin board and use nice pins, so that the recipient can pin all the places already visited.

9. A new tea variety

Tee lovers are always happy to try new varieties! And this isn’t a tough task for you as the choice is really large and there would definitely be something exotic and interesting that you would love to try yourself. If you have the time, prepare a small collection of different sorts and mark them with some (funny) notes, like “for lonely evenings”, “for good mood”, “making you feel better if you get a cold”.

10. A bottle of wine for cozy evenings

This is a present that you can really provide in one second – in urgent cases even at the gas station! And you could even enjoy it together during the next evenings.

11. А board game

Board games should be present in every student dormitory or apartment! Also, for travelling, you could get a smaller one to fit in your friend’s backpack. Even if it may sound outdated, they are so much fun for two people or a bigger group. Some of the classics are Scrabble, Monopoly or Guess who.

12. Something home-baked

If you have a bit more time, you could make your own miracle in the kitchen. You could prepare Christmas cookies, muffins or a cake – there are plenty of ideas on the internet!

13. A piece of future…

For the ones who are looking for their Masters degree, you could get a ticket for the next MASTER AND MORE fair nearby. The fairs offer many ways to find information about national and international universities and diverse study programmes. You can talk to university representatives in person or visit an interesting presentation.


You can get a FREE TICKET for your present (but also for you, of course) with the promo code QS7WP! Use it when registering for the event!


If you have some more good ideas for spontaneous Secret Santa gifts you want to tell us about, you could do it on our Facebook page.

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