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Top 10 - Student cities in Europe – the biggest, the best and those you’ll fall in love with

So, you are wondering where to go for your Master’s degree? There are a lot of statistics about the most preferred cities in Europe – major metropolises like Paris, London and Berlin, but also jewels like Barcelona, Prague or Nuremberg. To give you a better overview and to help you find the best city for your Masters studies we decided to take you for a small journey to ten of the best places in Europe, according to students. Now, let’s start our tour …

1.    Bonjour, Paris!

France is the third most popular destination for international students worldwide, with almost 250,000 international students starting their education every year.  It is not a surprise that a huge percentage of these students choose the capital. This international centre of culture and commerce is home to some excellent universities such as ENS Paris, the Sorbonne University alliance, Sciences Po and many more. Besides for its iconic beauty and plentitude of museums and art galleries, Paris is a great place for students’ life and offers lots of parties, cultural events and concerts. However, living in Paris is quite costly.

2.    Ahoj, Prague!

An alternative, if you are hungry for beautiful historical sites, vivid culture and great student life – Prague. Study in the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic and you will never get bored of exploring the architectural masterpieces, the colorful streets and the lively nightlife. Prague has something to offer for every taste – delicious beer, bountiful meals, music… and the prices are quite reasonable.  The highest ranked institution of higher education in the Czech Republic is Charles University, which welcomes more than 50,000 students in its 17 faculties. There are, however, a number of other excellent institutions. Life in Prague is much cheaper than in most Western capitals. Expenses for food, accommodation and public transportation are about 300-600 EUR a month.

If you want to find out more about studying in the Czech Republic, as well as a number of English taught programmes, visit the International Masters Study fair in Prague!

3.    Hello, London!

The weather might not be great in the English capital, but it is a good home to more than 100,000 international students from over 200 different countries. The city hosts 45 institutions of higher education – some of the most prominent in the world for research, economy, political science and natural sciences, four of them in the world’s top 40. There are million things to see, or as the British writer Samuel Johnson puts it, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford”. There are many perks for students in the city like discounts and free tickets, but it is still very expensive to live there. The rents are the highest in the country.  However, when in London you can look for a job or paid internship at some of the world’s biggest companies that are based there.

4.    Cześć, Warsaw!

If you are looking for a vibrant city where you can start working for a major company along with studying, why not take a look at Warsaw? The capital and the largest city in Poland has become a popular outsourcing centre for many Western companies in the recent years and the cost of living there is reasonably priced. It is one of the most affordable student cities according to a number of surveys and also has an ideal geographic location – in the Middle of Europe, which allows you to travel a lot while studying. Every sixth person in Warsaw is a student, as the city offers a myriad of study programmes. According to official data from UNESCO, Poland hosts almost 30,000 international students, the majority of whom decide for the capital, so this might be just the ideal place for you.

To discover more about the English taught programmes in Poland and abroad, go to the Masters fair in Warsaw!

5.    Hallo, Berlin!

Germany is one of the top most popular destinations for Masters Studies worldwide and Berlin is one of the cities that attract the largest number of foreign students, due to the fact that there are a lot of programmes offered in English.  A flourishing cultural scene, beloved venue for concerts of every type and a major centre for design, fashion and innovative ideas – the capital city of Germany has a unique spirit that you can definitely fall in love with. There are public institutions for higher education such as Freie Universitaet Berlin, Humboldt University, Berlin Institute of Technology and Berlin University of Arts, as well as around 30 colleges – suited for all the areas that you may want to explore. Berlin is considered to be an affordable city for students, but finding a cheap accommodation could be a bit challenging. That is why you need to make sure that you start looking for an apartment early on.  The city has not one, but many centres and the different parts of the city each have their own atmosphere, so go ahead and choose what suits your personality best!

If you want to learn more about the Master studies in Germany and not only, make sure that you visit the Masters fair in Berlin. 

6.    Hoi, Amsterdam!

Another city on our list with a distinct personality and a multicultural feeling –
Amsterdam. Why study in the Dutch capital? If you want to combine a world-class education with a free spirit, taste for arts and love for bicycles, this is the city for you. The quality of life in Amsterdam is high and most of the local people are huge fans of sports, so you can enjoy a healthy life there. The city is rich on international clubs, sports teams and activities and it is generally easy to meet new people.

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7.    Servus, Vienna!

Vienna is a major hub for international students who want to study in English or in German. The students’ life there is great, as you get to meet a lot of people from all around the world and you have tons of things to do after the lectures end – why not chill in one of the many cafés or visit the State Opera? The city is quite compact and many places you probably would like to visit are within a walking distance. One of the great ways to explore Vienna is on bike. A student in Vienna typically has a discount or free access to museums and all sorts of events.

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8.    Zdravei, Sofia!

You want excitement, great student life, open-minded young people and study programmes in English? The capital and biggest city in Bulgaria offers all that and the cost of life and tuition fees are probably the lowest in Europe. More and more international students choose to move to Bulgaria as many international startups are emerging there. They are often hiring students, so if you choose Sofia, you’ll likely be able to find a well-paid job thanks to your native knowledge of a foreign language. The climate in Bulgaria is perfect if you want more sunshine in the summer and plenty of snow for skiing in the winter. One of the best things about Sofia when you start your studies there is that the local people speak different languages and are very friendly and helpful towards newcomers.   

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9.    Hola, Barcelona!

Do you want more sun? And may be some great, unique architecture, delicious food and a fun-loving crowd? Spain’s second largest city, Barcelona is considered to be the best city for studying in the country, beating the capital Madrid by 20 positions on the Best Student Cities index for 2015. Barcelona is located in a valley between the mountains and the sea and you can either go hiking or to the beach – whatever your heart desires. The fiesta (or party) is always around the corner thus making every day of your studies feel almost like a holiday.

10.    Grüß Gott, Nuremberg!

The second-largest Bavarian city and fourteenth largest municipality in Germany is one of the most attractive cities for students. Not only are the universities there enjoying an excellent international reputation, but to ensure the highest standards of the education, independent accreditation agencies regularly monitor the courses and institutions. Lovers of nature will have charming landscapes to explore, whereas those who want to start their career early on have plenty of opportunities, due to the region’s strong economy. Nuremberg is never boring as concerts of any kind happen often. If you choose to study there, you’ll always find a friend to share a delicious beer with.

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