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Top 8 study destinations - where do Dutch students prefer to go?

Top 8 study destinations - where do Dutch students prefer to go?

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Which are the top favorite study abroad locations among the Dutch? Time to find out!

1. Belgium

Up until a few centuries ago, the Belgian and Dutch people used to live under the same flag of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. While their shared map territory remained only for a short period of time, both nations formed a very strong relationship marked by shared history pages, cultural heritage and language. As of today, the two neighboring countries have become one of the leaders on the European stage and set an example of one of the best existing interstate relations to date. Did you know that there is the village of Baarle which is divided between both states only by an imaginative border?

2. The UK

The English are one of the most respected and highly-ranked nations for their centuries-old universities and excellent higher education system. However, the events of Brexit have raised many questions regarding the future application of non-native students from whole over the world. Whatever the outcome, UK universities will remain a center of attention and continue to find ways to welcome thousands of new international students every year. Fun fact – the United Kingdom is among the countries with a rich diversity of funding opportunities.

3. Germany

German universities are currently living the dream as they continue to pass many on their way to the top of every ranking list. With a handful of English, German and bilingual courses with countless opportunities for specialization within world-renowned sectors such as Engineering and Business, the Germans have truly stepped up the game. And the Dutch are loving it, as they benefit from learning a language from the same family tree while also remaining fluent in both their mother tongue and of course, English. And how can we forget about the two neighboring countries’ equal-to-none passion for football!

4. France

During the Middle Ages, the Kingdom of France became home to today’s second oldest university in Europe – the University of Paris. For centuries, the French have been building a strong educational system producing countless future leaders of the world. And it is not all about domestic students, as French universities claim to have welcomed more than a quarter of a million international students in the past few years. As for the Dutch, they are among the leading applicants seeking to strengthen their French language skills while also immersing into the vivid country culture.


5. Denmark

Not long ago, the Danes were announced as one of the happiest nations on a global scale. But they became even happier when other research and statistics quickly pointed out another major factor resulting from the Danish economy – one of the highest GDP per capita scores. Unsurprisingly, the country began welcoming many new people and most importantly, students, who would benefit from no tuition fees at public university (for EU only) or diverse funding opportunities (for non-EU). Apart from sharing a language from the same family, Dutch and Danish people are also identically fond of riding their bikes everywhere. And also, equally love wind energy!

6. Sweden

And while we are on Viking land, time to have a quick visit to the cold but beautiful country of the Swedish. Besides being one of the safest places to live due to low crime rates, Sweden is also aiming to become competitive in the world of higher education. But what can it offer? For now, students can benefit from innovative and up-to-date courses in a diversity of subjects, eased language requirements and envious student aid. As for the future, it is expected that the Swedish will soon become one of the leading study choices among students from all around the globe.

7. Switzerland

One of the biggest advantages of studying abroad is having the opportunity to become fluent in a new language. But in Switzerland, students end up in a difficult situation when choosing between German, French, Italian and Romansh! Of course, this does not apply for the Dutch student who can barely wait to easily become multilingual because of the great language similarity. With the combination of excellent business courses delivered by world-class universities it is anything but hard to say that the Dutch have found the right path among the Swiss!

8. Austria

After our European adventure it is finally time to stop by and wave at the Austrians. Keen on staying surrounded by giant snowy mountains and exquisite town architecture for a year or two? The Dutch definitely are, as they have been constantly part of the visiting flow of students ready to step into multicultural environments and enjoy free or low cost education. In addition, Austrian universities have developed exceptional English-taught courses for non-interested in German, delivering international-recognized Master degrees of all types.

Have you decided where to study your Masters abroad? Visit us in Amsterdam and pick up your university!


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