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Why Germany is the place to study Engineering and Technology?

Why Germany is the place to study Engineering and Technology?

There is no doubt that German engineering is known all around the world – for everything from luxury sport cars to high-end everyday technology. Having this in mind, it is no surprise Germany is one of the leading European study destinations for students interested in this field. So what will you benefit from a Masters study in Engineering in the homeland of Albert Einstein and Carl Benz? Let’s find out!

1. German technical universities are top-ranked and low cost

According to the latest data released by Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings there are a total of 6 German universities in the engineering or technology field placed within the world Top 200: 


And if this is not impressive enough, you should have in mind that most public institutions of higher education in Germany offer their courses entirely free of charge both for EU and international students. Instead, there is usually only a small sum in the range of €100 to €250 required each semester for the use of student services (library, public transportation, etc.). However, some additional fees may apply in particular cases, such as not finishing your study in time. 

2. Rich diversity of engineering and technology degrees

In Germany, you can apply for a much more than a regular technical or technological Masters in Architecture or Electronic Engineering. From specializations in Aerospace Engineering for future planet travelers to unique research-oriented courses in Sustainability and Renewable Energy, there is certainly a rich study choice. 

Whatever you decide, it is important to know that most engineering Master degrees are practically-oriented, demanding a lot of research, especially at universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschule). What is more, there is also the possibility of combining two subjects in one study for better flexibility and career opportunities at the job market. 

3. Strong relation between industry and university

German technical universities often have a long list of established partnerships and collaborations with the national engineering industry. This allows an excellent opportunity to participate in different research projects and scholarship contests, offered by major companies such as Audi, BMW, Siemens and Deutsche Telekom. 

What is more, most of the offered engineering courses also have an industry year either optional or comprehensive for each student. This is a form of cooperative study (Duales Studium) which is extremely popular in Germany, as it combines both practical experience and academic knowledge!

4. Studying in English is not a problem

One might think that German is an absolute must for a study at German university. In reality, it is easily possible to find an entirely English-taught Masters, also in the field of Engineering. As a matter of fact, there are even courses prepared exclusively for international students with no German knowledge. 

The Masters Search has shown over 400 Master courses from German universities offering technical and technological specializations in English. Check them out and make the best study choice for you!

5. Increased career opportunities as an Engineer

Having one of the world’s leading automotive, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries comes with a heavy price – there is a constant need of new creative and innovative engineers to maintain these achievements. For this reason, Germany has launched several campaigns aimed at recruiting new and young professionals. 

Some of the higher priority fields include Automotive, Building, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering with the latest addition of IT and Telecommunications. With university qualification in one of these areas, you can expect to earn between €35,000 and €45,000 each year. Find out more about your future Engineering career in Germany here!

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