Scholarships for a Masters in Europe in 2019
Scholarships for a Masters in Europe in 2019
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Scholarships for a Masters in Europe in 2019

Nowadays, scholarships are one of the most effective ways to launch a Masters study abroad while evading hefty tuition costs. In the form of a full or partial fee exemption, reduction or provided payment, modern scholarship opportunities certainly have a lot to offer for both national and international students.

But what are the characteristics of the most common scholarships in Europe today? Are there any golden scholarship opportunities in European countries with top universities? Let’s find out!

Scholarships in Europe

Generally, as hinted in the beginning of this article, European scholarships come in various forms and types. And more interestingly, there are often various sources that could be standing on the offering side – from businesses to governments, sometimes even international organisations, the EU or universities themselves. 

For those receiving, a scholarship is more or less a set of conditions and requirements, that, if met, can lead to a financial advantage related to a current or future study. And since we are focusing on a Masters, you can already imagine some examples – winning prize money for studies at a specific university, receiving a monthly sum for the full or partial payment of your semester fee, or maybe even having an entire Masters study for free!

Scholarship opportunities for European universities in 2019

In the table below, you can see several scholarships for leading study destinations in Europe for the ongoing 2019. Keep in mind that some entries can direct you to entire scholarship databases while others are individual offers – even for MBAs!

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