What are the chances of getting a student bursary?


A student bursary, also known as a student stipend, gives you the chance to take up a degree course to earn an academic title, such as a Masters degree. Bursaries are often granted along with scholarships for outstanding students—but not necessarily based on academic achievements but rather based on social competence.

Just as with other funding possibilities, you have to apply for a student bursary, which requires a lot of time. Hence, patience is required. Since you do not have to pay back the money later, you will have to compete with other students for a stipend. Generally, everybody can apply for a bursary. Nevertheless, as indicated above, bursaries are often granted to specific groups in society, such as people with outstanding social competences, minorities or disabled people.

What is the difference between a bursary and a scholarship?

You might be wondering about the exact difference between a student scholarship and a student stipend or bursary. In contrast to a stipend, a scholarship only covers tuition fees and research costs, whereas a stipend also covers the costs of living. Consequently, a bursary allows you to focus on your studies instead of worrying about living expenses. However, some scholarships also include a stipend, meaning that you will receive support for research work and tuition fees as well as for your costs of living.

Where to apply for a student bursary?

A number of trusts and charities, such as political and social foundations, often provide bursaries to students. The church is a common bursary provider as well. Some universities may provide help with searching for a stipend.

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