Study Mobile Apps
Find out which mobile apps might be of help while doing your Masters

Study mobile apps

Nowadays having a smartphone is as natural as wearing socks. However, the way we use our phones and what part of our lives they take depends on us. Every day hundreds of new applications get released by different developers, some of them are just for fun, some are made to ease our lives and some of them are made to help us go through college and university and pass it with flying colors.

Time to get out of bed and study

Being a student means you will need to wake up early almost every day, but there are a lot of things that will get in your way. For example, studying until late or finishing your paper in the last moment, or simply partying with your mates. There are a lot of mobile applications ready to destroy your sweet dreams and not let you dive back in the ocean of slumbers. Some of the most popular and most used apps are – Alarm Clock Xtreme Free +Timer, Alarm Clock Plus, Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)- alarm

Get ready to solve math problems, shake your phone, press different buttons or write sentences. All kinds of different tasks with the sole purpose to wake up your brain and make sure you will not be late for the Management class with your favorite professor.

Organize your day

You are organized students; you know when and where all your exams and tests will be held, but we are all human and we forget things. No worries, the machines are here to help us! There are so many applications for keeping track of tasks and time that you will need an application to include and arrange all of them: To-Do List & Task List, Evernote, Timetable, My Study Life

As the wise men say: “The fool remembers, the smart writes down”. Use the advantages of your smartphone, get things into order and your days will be easier, alright, not easier, but at least organized (wink), (wink).

Want to improve your language skills?

We shouldn’t miss the language applications, no matter what foreign language you study or you need to use in your daily life, there are apps for it. Some of them offer you not only the meaning and some synonyms of the word, but also different ways to train your language and learn more about it.

Duolingo,, Memrise, busuu

Help for your group project?

Group projects! Who doesn’t like them? Well, like them or not, they are something you need to do, but sometimes connection with the group members can be difficult. Smartphones are here to help, once again. There is a large variety of communication applications. You can use Skype and fring to make a cam contact with your colleagues. Or simply give ideas in group chats on WhatsApp or Viber. Share your materials and sources via Google Drive and Dropbox.

Educative applications

Let’s have a look at the educative applications. Some of you probably have heard of them already but it is always good to check them again. Who knows, you might just get an inspiration from them and add some new information to that project that has been consuming all your free time.

Coursera, Khan Academy, EdX, TED, Udemy

Check them on the bus, on the line for lunch, during your break, just everywhere; all you need is your phone – charged.

There is an application for everything, go to Google Play or the Apple store and write your university name, you might be surprised to find that they have an app of their own. You can find information about classes, facilities, campuses, maps, etc.


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