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University of Technology

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If you have obtained your Bachelors in the area of technology, you might be interested to continue your education with a Master’s degree in a certain more specific technical field. In that case, a university of technology might be the most attractive type of institution, because it is specialised in technology, electronics, engineering and science. 


In some cases, universities of technology are similar to those of applied sciences; insofar both are educational institutions, which offer many practical courses as technology often requires practice during its study. Therefore, some institutions are called “technical university of applied science”. However, there are plenty varieties of the name of this institution, such as “institute of technology”, “technical college”, “technical university” or “polytechnic university”, it all depends on the higher educational system of the country and the relevant legal frames. 

Even though many universities of technology are concentrated on the practical field, there are plenty of possibilities for technical research and theory. In many countries, universities of technology are focused on research, and universities of applied science are the ones, which can offer you a vocational education in the field of technology.

You can obtain your technical Master’s degree all over Europe; although, Germany, The Netherlands and the UK are some of the most preferred countries for technical education.


Universities of technology exist at least since the 18th century, whereby the University of Miskolc in Hungary is thought to be the first one. With the industrialisation and the development of the electronics and engineering, the technical education has gained importance and popularity. In the last decades, plenty of education institutions for applied sciences and technology have gained a status of universities.

Courses and degrees at a university of technology

Next to subjects like engineering, architecture, electronic, information technology, civil engineering, robotics and mathematics, many technical universities offer study courses or even Master programmes in biology, chemistry, nature sciences or economics and management.

Depending on the chosen country for your Masters, as well as on the educational institution and program itself, you can end up as a Master of Technology, Master of Engineering, Master of Science or even, in some cases - Master of Arts. The variations are plenty and for this reason, it’s highly recommended to research on the study courses, institutions and degrees.

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In the list below you can find Masters programmes at universities of technology in Europe and overseas:

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