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Time Management Tips

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the number of books to read and projects to complete? Time management is a skill no one teaches you in school or university, but one that is very important in all aspects of life. Days just fly by, leaving you with a feeling of not having accomplished anything worthwhile. Effective time management is one of the best methods to decrease a student’s stress level.
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Where to study for free in Europe

It seems hard and - in some cases - not affordable to study abroad, as the many appearing costs might generate a quite high total amount. It is understandable why you might give up the idea after calculating accommodation, travelling back home, transportation, daily expenses, tuition fees, study books & materials, insurances and other upcoming charges. We advise you to consider again the situation.
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Masters degrees in Medicine and Health Sciences

With an ageing society, internationally emerging viral disease and new medications and therapies, the field of Health Care and Medicine is constantly facing ever-new challenges. Experts must continually learn about the latest developments and train accordingly. A Masters programme can offer medical and health care specialists excellent career prospects in becoming a senior physician or health care manager.
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Preparing for an interview at the university

At some point in life, everyone has gone or will have to go through an interview and face a mixture of emotions. The big questions are - how can you prepare yourself for a conversation with your future teacher/employer? Is it possible to achieve a smooth or even perfect interview?
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