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Furthermore, in the May edition of the newsletter, following the discussion in the EU parliament about the upcoming Brexit our main topic is related to the changes in the higher education institutions in the United Kingdom.

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Post-Brexit – impact on postgraduate education

Almost a year after the referendum, which resulted into UK leaving the EU, the consequences for EU citizens, studying or attending to apply at British universities are uncertain. The actual new regulations, caused by the Brexit will eventually take effect by the end of March 2019. Students, finishing their education until this date, should not worry – tuition fees won’t be changed. But what will happen later?
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How much does education cost around the world?

The well-known British newspaper The Telegraph states that, The United Kingdom is one of the most expensive destinations for higher education. Due to the increase of the fees and the cost of living a degree in the UK can be worth the jaw-dropping €25 000 per year. The effects of Brexit are said to have an even bigger impact on the great deal young people who are hoping for a place at an English university.
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Programme on focus - Entrepreneurship

The Masters programme Entrepreneurship is a management study that focuses on the aspects of innovation and start-up management. The world is constantly changing and the economy is becoming even more dynamic and fast paced. In particular, SMEs and innovative start-ups need a strategy to compete with established international companies. The Masters programme Entrepreneurship covers the process of generating business ideas, refining them, building the infrastructure and launching the business.
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Universities - the beginning of higher education

Higher education institutions, and more importantly, universities, have rapidly increased their number, impact and importance. This achievement, however, would not be possible without the scientific contributions of countless figures from the past centuries who have granted us with invaluable knowledge. But how did so much “human thought” manage to gather in one place and shape the world of education we all know today?
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