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November is the month of our fairs in Prague, Warsaw, Amsterdam and Sofia, we invite you to come and meet the universities or participate in the experts presentations.

There are only few days left, so don't forget to register and participate! You can check below for promo codes with which you can come to the fairs for free.

This month, we decided to present you an article giving advice on how to prepare for the fairs and how to spend your day at them. Check out the the other articles and learn some interesting news and tips.

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Masters Study Fairs in Europe

A masters course is a good decision in many ways – you obtain a deeper knowledge, improve your career prospects, gain valuable experience and learn vital skills for your professional life. However, finding the right course is easier said than done, as the range of options seems to be virtually unlimited.

Modern fields of study

Nowadays, jobs require specific backgrounds and possession of knowledge related to a certain field of study. This is why universities aim to further develop modern academic studies and their division, all resulting in a better preparation of study programs and respectively, curriculum. In addition, this has led to new interests in education, with new and innovative courses constantly emerging and evolving.

Programme spotlight: Marketing

The goal of each and every organisation is to understand a customer’s needs, satisfy these needs and generate a profit. Marketing’s role within the organisation is to identify potential customers and create a business plan that fulfills these needs.

Top 5 most inspiring people that shaped the field of education

Undoubtedly, various people have hugely contributed to the development of modern education; they lived in different time periods and in certain ways – some with priceless knowledge, others with ideas. They are seen by many as the ones who shaped the world and provided mankind with priceless discoveries and information.

Masters Study Fair-Code for a free ticket!

Register now with the free ticket code for the respective location. The registration allows scheduling consultation interviews with the exhibiting universities and declare your participation in the presentations. Find your favorite Masters - offered by universities from all around the world.

Masters Study Fair Amsterdam 21.11.2017


Masters Study Fair Sofia 23.11.2017


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