Costs of studying abroad
You want to study abroad. But what does it cost?

Costs of studying abroad

How much does it cost to study abroad?

Studying abroad is always an adventure. However, you shouldn’t take any uncontrollable financial risks when going abroad. Therefore you have to think carefully about the costs. Several issues need to be considered before making a decision.

Tuition fees: What does it cost to study abroad?

Every education system is different. Some countries do not charge anything for studying at a public university apart from a small administrative fee, while others charge exorbitant fees. Furthermore, there are differences in tuition fees between public and private higher education institutions. Although European integration keeps moving forward, tuition fees still vary significantly from country to country. In the UK, for instance, it seems as if universities are following the path of the US and Australia, where tuition fees have been skyrocketing in recent years. How much you will have to pay also depends a lot on your country of origin. Learn more about tuition fees in Europe.

Costs of living abroad

Apart from tuition fees, living expenses will be another major cost factor. Renting a room or a flat, buying groceries, going out with friends, and paying for travel or teaching materials, for example, will cost you money. Inform yourself about the living expenses in your country of interest. A good indicator of living expenses is the economic prowess of the country in which you would like to study. For example, studying in Switzerland is generally more expensive than studying in Indonesia. Another crucial factor to think of is insurance.

Is it worth the cost?

Going abroad will always cost you money, even if you are going to a country which seems very affordable. While abroad, you will probably travel a lot more than you would in your home country. Likewise, you will also spend more money paying for souvenirs, additional vaccinations or special equipment, for example. Then again, the experiences you gain will probably compensate for the expenses, and you will keep your memories forever.

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