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Münster University of Applied Sciences

Münster University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest institutions of its kind in the region. Our strength lies in the wide range of degree programmes we offer. You can choose from all kinds of degree programmes within our key areas of design, health and social care, engineering and business. What all these programmes have in common is the primary importance placed on the ability to apply knowledge to practice. In addition, practical stages and project work ensure that you will have the firm foundation required to successfully start your career.

You’ll also benefit from our extensive network: beyond the boundaries of its departments and institutes, Münster University of Applied Sciences collaborates with regional, national and international research facilities and industry partners to develop innovative responses to contemporary challenges – and has been doing just that since 1971.


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Overview of Masters programmes - Fachhochschule Münster

comprehensive profile   Materials Science and Engineering
    Accounting, Controlling & Finance
    Auditing, Finance and Taxation
    Baurecht im Lebenszyklus von Bauwerken
    Beratung Mediation Coaching
    Bildung im Gesundheitswesen - Berufliche Fachrichtung Pflege
    Bildung im Gesundheitswesen - Berufliche Fachrichtung Therapie
    Bildung im Gesundheitswesen - Fachrichtung Pflege (in Kooperation mit Bildung & Beratung Bethel)
    Bildung im Gesundheitswesen - Fachrichtung Pflege (in Kooperation mit der Wilhelm Löhe Akademie, Standort Fürth)
    Biomedizinische Technik
    Chemical Engineering
    Design - Information und Kommunikation
    Elektrotechnik in Teilzeit
    Energie-, Gebäude- und Umwelttechnik
    Energie-, Gebäude- und Umwelttechnik (in Teilzeit)
    Ernährung und Gesundheit
    Immobilien- und Facility Management
    Informatik in Teilzeit
    International Marketing and Sales
    International Supply Chain Management
    Jugendhilfe - Konzeptionsentwicklung und Organisationsgestaltung
    Lehramt an Berufskollegs - Master of Education (LABG 2009)
    Lehramt an Berufskollegs (Master of Education)
    Management für Ingenieur- und Naturwissenschaften (MBA)
    Management in Pflege- und Gesundheitseinrichtungen
    Maschinenbau in Teilzeit
    Nachhaltige Dienstleistungs- und Ernährungswirtschaft
    Soziale Arbeit und Forschung
    Technisches Management i.d. Energie-, Gebäude- und Umwelttechnik
    Technisches Management in der Energie-, Gebäude- und Umwelttechnik (in Teilzeit)
    Therapie, Förderung, Betreuung (Clinical Casework) – Psychosoziale Hilfen für gesundheitlich gefährdete, erkrankte und behinderte Menschen
    Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen (M.Sc.)
    Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen (MBA & Eng.)

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Münster University of Applied Sciences: Our Key Areas


Creatively bringing their own ideas and concepts to life: that is what students at the schools of architecture and design do particularly well. Located on the Leonardo Campus – former Prussian barracks – here, innovative ideas spring from traditional roots. Both subjects can look back on a history reaching back over 100 years, where the predecessor institutions were among Germany’s finest. Teaching staff with close contacts to real-world practice continually give students fresh impetus, helping them to develop their own creative profile.



The Departments of Health; Food ∙ Nutrition ∙ Facilities; and Social Work put people and their needs front and centre. The topics addressed range from youth welfare service, nursing care management, and nutrition consultation to environmental aspects of building and facility management. The skills that you will learn here will qualify you primarily for work in health care and social work establishments as well as in the nutrition and food industry. Facility managers are involved at the intersection between disciplines involving real estate management.



We cover an extensive spectrum of engineering and technical sciences. This specialisation comprises a total of six departments: Civil Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Energy ∙ Building Services ∙ Environmental Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; and Engineering Physics. The majority of these degree programmes are taught at our Steinfurt location. Laboratories are state of the art and allow you to get a hands-on, practical education that optimises your preparation for entering your career.



“We build on quality” – top positions in rankings of degree programmes have demonstrated that we put this motto into practice at Münster School of Business. All kinds of cooperative activities with companies ensure that your studies include first hands-on experience. This school sees international experience as a particularly important component: as a result, you’ll have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad, with many partner universities to choose from. If you study in one of the two international Bachelor degree programmes, you will even earn a double degree.

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Münster University of Applied Sciences: Dual Study

Students who have already been integrated into a company during their time at university have a clear advantage on the job market. For this reason, at Münster University of Applied Sciences, you’ll find many dual study programmes that combine a Bachelor’s degree with an apprenticeship. Whether in business, engineering or health, the course offerings are broad.



At Münster University of Applied Sciences, it is common to look past departmental borders. In fact, two central scientific units adopt this challenge as their core task: Münster School of Vocational Education (IBL) coordinates degree programmes for teacher training at vocational colleges. Various departments as well as the University of Münster are involved in this school. The Institute of Business Administration and Engineering (ITB) offers degree programmes that combine technical skills with commercial know-how. Many companies are searching for employees with skills in both fields.

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Fachhochschule Münster

Hüfferstraße 27
48149 Münster
T   +49 251 83-64150
E   Send an email

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Hüfferstraße 27
48149 Münster
T +49 251 83-64150
Further locations:

MSB | Münster School of Business - IMS/Logistik/ACF - Cornelia Stypinski

Corrensstr. 25 / D525
48149 Münster
T 49 251 83-65436

MSB | Münster School of Business - Wirtschaftsinformatik - Rena Lauerwald

Corrensstr. 25 / D428
48149 Münster
T 0251 / 83 – 65515


Stegerwaldstraße 39
48565 Steinfurt
T +49 2551 9-64150

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