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MCI | The Entrepreneurial School®

As an entrepreneurial school, the MCI combines science, business and consulting into a unique concept. Innovative degree programs at Bachelor and Master level in the fields of business & society and technology & life sciences as well as the postgraduate training programs ensure education and training at the highest level.


Four supporting pillars - a unique university.


1. Practical proximity & application orientation.


A balanced mix of MCI professors, executives and experts from business, science & consulting as well as experienced guest lecturers from all over the world deliver the synergetic synthesis of theory and practice. The acquired knowledge is directly applied in the course of projects or internships at renowned global companies. An aspect rewarded by the labor market: MCI graduates have an average of 2.1 job offers when they graduate.


2. Innovation & Dynamics.


The growth of the Entrepreneurial School® since its foundation in 1995/96 is clearly evident. Students as well as employees appreciate the dynamic side of the MCI. There is always something in motion, be it in the development of future-proof study and training programs, in the introduction of innovative mobile formats and efficient student services, or in the realization of exciting research projects.


3. Academic quality.


Continual accolades in accreditations, surveys and rankings reaffirm the high quality and acceptance of the MCI, strengthen its international reputation and create commitment and trust in its brand. The MCI can compete internationally with the best, and with its accreditation of the prestigious AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), it belongs to the club of the most renowned business schools worldwide.


4. International Studies


Students from 66 nations. Employees from 38 nations. 300 partner universities around the world. English as a working language: Internationality is an essential component of an MCI study. Studying or spending a semester abroad at the Entrepreneurial School® not only expands the professional horizons, but also provides an opportunity to acquire intercultural skills and build up an international network.

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MCI | The Entrepreneurial School®: Student life

University town Innsbruck

Vibrant. Urban. Excitingly alpine.


Just as the MCI, as an entrepreneurial school, unites science and practice in a synergetic way, the university city of Innsbruck also unites two worlds. The urban world in the valley merges with the sensational, surrounding mountain world to form a wonderful habitat that is appreciated by all who frequent Innsbruck.



Four urban levels - a unique place of study.


1. Young, intelligent, cosmopolitan.


150,000 people live in Innsbruck, 30,000 of them study at one of the five colleges, entrepreneurial schools and universities. Some say that the "Capital of the Alps" is one of the best places in Europe to combine studying with an active and rewarding lifestyle.  In any case, it is unique: urban and alpine, with an excellently preserved historic core, surrounded by a huge mountain backdrop that gives the city an almost intimate feel. 


2. Pulsating urban space.


People feel comfortable in Innsbruck with the vibrant lifestyle on streets and squares, chilling on the banks of the river Inn, the lively old town and the pedestrianized Maria-Theresien-Straße, avant-garde alpine architecture in conjunction with historic buildings, excellent universities and colleges and all kinds of recreational facilities and cultural activities. Innsbruck offers space to live and study alike.


3. The fascination of the Alps.


A dominant feature of Innsbruck, the mountains around Innsbruck are not only a breathtaking backdrop, but also extend the living space of the city in a special way. Appearing as if at arm’s reach, they can offer snowboarding on Hafelekar, a ski tour on Patscherkofel, a pleasure tour with the mountain bike to one of the nearby alpine pastures, a fast downhill race or pure nature on a leisurely hike.


4. Competence field sports.


Inssbruckers have sports running through their veins it would appear. Newcomers are quick to realize how sports oriented the population is and are happy to let themselves by infected with this spirit. Including the Youth Olympic Games of 2012, Innsbruck is the only city in the world where the Olympic torch has been lit four times (Olympic Winter Games 1964 and 1976, Winter Paralympics 1984). Furthermore, the annual Bergisel-jumping, the Air & Style-Event, the UCI Road World Championships as well as many other activities and events reflect the athletic competence of Innsbruck.

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MCI | The Entrepreneurial School®: Application

Thank you for your interest in studying at the MCI and the application process.

You can use your personal account to fill in, modify and send your application form for an MCI study program.
In order to facilitate the application process for you and ensure efficient processing, we would ask you to kindly take note of our application guidelines. The guidelines will help you fill in the questionnaire and provide a clear overview of the various documents to be submitted with your application.


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MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® - Impressions of your Masters study

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Overview of Masters programmes - MCI | The Entrepreneurial School®

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MCI | The Entrepreneurial School®: Master programs

With a previous university qualification as the point of departure, a 4-semester Master program expands on students’ existing knowledge and goes into greater depth. Students learn to make practical use of the content taught and develop solutions to complex problems. Outstanding program quality and career potential are two of the pillars of an MCI study program. 

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MCI | The Entrepreneurial School®

Universitätsstraße 15
6020 Innsbruck
T   +43 512 2070
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