Higher Education Landscape
Learn more about higher education institutions and why Europe is the best place to get your Masters!

Higher Education Landscape in Europe

Where to study? What education I will achieve? What will be the cost? Will this investment be worthy? Those are only few of the questions young people ask themselves in the search of a higher education institution. Nowadays, more and more students continue with their postgraduate studies abroad – all across Europe. 

European Union education strategy

EU’s strategy is to give a wider access to higher education. Thereby, people will increase their chances in finding a better job and this will have an impact on EU’s economy, which is in need of innovations and creativity. The goal is to achieve it through more qualified and educated people.

Free or paid education

The cost of study varies. It is different in each country in Europe – the average most expensive education is in England where students pay around 11 500 euro a year. Although, there are countries like Germany, Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Malta, Scotland, Norway and Sweden, where tuition fees are rarely required. Most of the countries offer financial aids and stipends as well as loans for living expenses. In some cases, you are allowed to work during your Masters, however the work week is reduced to 20 hours.

Institutions for higher education

Certainly, it’s most important to decide on the right field of study. Institution and country / city are also of great significance and a life changing factor. The diversity of higher education institutions gives the possibility to choose the right place you want to acquire your Masters. Public universities, private universities, institutes of technology, business schools, colleges, universities of applied sciences, art schools, corporate universities, etc. In order to help we have gathered some information on the most popular institutions across Europe that can offer Master programmes in your mother tongue or in English:

In almost every university that offers Masters programmes in English an exam is required – students have to take on TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge First Certificate.  In countries like the UK and Germany you can apply completely online, you just have to present all the needed documents and then wait for the good news.

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