Masters abroad
Studying abroad can be a great experience!

Masters abroad

Why enrol for a Masters abroad?

More and more university graduates are considering a Masters degree in a foreign country. Why? There are many good reasons for studying abroad!

The two most obvious reasons are improving your language skills and gaining intercultural competence. Both factors are not only great additions to your CV but will also enhance your personal growth. Studying abroad is also a good idea for academic reasons. You can choose from a much wider range of Masters programmes and attend universities with an international reputation in your field of study.

Masters in different countries

Find out more about Masters studies in the following countries:

Masters in the European Union: The Bologna Process

The so-called ‘Bologna Process’ is an ongoing reform of the educational systems in the EU Member States with the aim to develop a three-cycle system of higher education (Bachelors, Masters and doctoral degrees). This makes it easier for EU students to complete their studies in other European countries because academic degrees are now internationally recognized—both in the educational and business contexts.

But you should keep in mind that a stay abroad requires careful planning. The new Bologna system comes along with tight schedules. To ensure you do not lose time towards your degree you should arrange your Masters study well in advance.


Masters portal for Germany:

Masters portal for Austria:

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